Sunday, November 15, 2009

Giants Once Walked Amongst Us

It’s hard to imagine there was a time when giants once lived among us. It’s hard to recall a day when the word “hero” really meant something. Today, everyone is called a hero. Well, as one Marine Corps veteran recently said, “If everyone is a hero, no one is a hero.” Amen!

Now, more than ever before, we the people of the united states of america, must face and accept the challenges we are faced with today. We can no longer take the "armchair quarterback" approach, we have to actively get into the mix of things. This means getting out of the house, going to all forms of meetings,  participating in demonstrations, handing out literature, visiting your representitives to let them know that yours are the decisions that they need to be representing in congress. It's the only way, special interests groups pay lobbyists to get there interests represented, usually by enticing would be supporting congressmen with a wide variety of really cool perks, cash included, and usually at our expense in one way or another. Should we fail to do this, we will be failing our future generations to come, and our forefathers, whose vision of this great country has brought us to be, those giants, who walked amongst us, and warned us of what could happen if we, as a people dropped the ball.

Our national leaders (from both parties) seem to be shortsighted opportunists, possessing little regard for their oaths to the US Constitution, the principles of decency, or even plain, old-fashioned common sense. Both major parties in Washington, D.C., offer the American people varying degrees of socialism. Neither party demonstrates even tacit devotion to constitutional government. Federalism and limited government have all but disappeared under the oversight of both Republican and Democratic leaders. These disastrous Presidents (from Johnson, Nixon, and Carter to Clinton and Bush I & II) calmly leave office with no regret or remorse for the devastation, death, and deception that they inflicted upon the country. They live in the lap of luxury and comfort without the slightest tinge of conscience as to the massive destruction done to our Constitution, not to mention our economy, security, and way of life. Beyond that, our congressmen and senators are mostly miscreants in the similitude of Nancy Pelosi and Lindsey Graham.

Perhaps more than anything, America needs great leaders once again. Men and women who are not enamored with power and wealth. Men and women who are more concerned with honoring their word and preserving the Constitution than they are being reelected and receiving a government pension. Men and women who really do respect the people that elected them. Men and women who are willing to be unpopular, if that is the cost of honesty and integrity. Men and women who know the difference between the eternal and the temporal. And, yes, men and women who know the meaning of the word AMERICAN.
freeman lomax

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