Sunday, December 13, 2009


Here we are, in exponential times where information on anything is available in a nano second, yet still, a vast majority of people are uninformed. The problem here is the huge presence of the Main Stream Media and their ability to captivate a public that's grown accustomed to buying unique packaging rather than the content within. With their strong financial support that they receive from their sponsors, who in turn control the news reported, they are the dominant influence of public opinion.
Now, more than ever the presence of the Independent Media Sources is at new high. It is our responsibility to help get their messages read by those who otherwise wouldn't know they existed. There are reporters in the field risking there lives to get us the REAL stories and we can't let them down. We have journalists crossing the accepted lines, Amy Goodman, Alex Jones, Michael Chossudovsky, & Al Giordano, to name a few. There are those who've lost their lives covering the turbulent situation in Mexico and the war on drugs, as well as the military operations abroad. These people have begun to create a new awareness amongst many people, and because their stories are credible, uninfluenced by the status quo and their special interest groups, many objectives have been exposed and thus quelled making the Independent Media Sources a force to be reckoned with.

I'm sure each and everyone of you know someone who needs to be steered in the direction of the free media, do so. This is an important step to put an end to the mass "brainwashing" that has gone on for so many years. On the sidebar to the right, here in this blog, the links there are a good start to introduce people to some very important stories. 
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