Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Weekly Relativity

  You don't need to be a freakin' genius to see what we've all just fallen for. Here we are, 1 year later and most of us are shakin' our heads and sayin'; "What the fuck"? With the exception of some of Old-Bama's celebrity "YES WE CAN" people, who now face a certain career loss ($$$$) and can't admit their mistake, so they continue leading the sheeple around like pipers while they line their pockets, little by little eveyone else is beginning to say.."OH BOY,DID THEY"! First they denied an economic crisis, but turned around and handed out 850 billion of your semolians to the too big to fail bunch, Old-Bama took office, put the too big to fail failures in his cabinet, whos' jobs were promptly filled buy the out going cabinet, and then handed out billions more and said maybe we'll see a slight recession. You all fell for this like a bag of hammers! I do have one question tho', do you think Hillary likes cigars?
The sheeple still had faith, who cares if big corporations continue to export manufacturing jobs to 3rd world countries because wages and benefits are almost nothing, it's all about profit and bonuses right. We taught our kids to get a college degree so they can get better paying jobs so they didn't have to work in a factory or god forbid, the service industry, well guess what, we've deported all the people that held those jobs and that's all thats available, but hey, unemployment went down .2%.WTF
Health Care......are ya likin' this one? Now our "too big to fail buddies" are getting more legislation to guarantee their happiness, go figure, I thought all of us already had that legislation, the Constitution, WTF.
THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, ha! Let's see, Old-Bama....Ghandi.....Old-Bama.....Mother Theresa....even wimpy Jimmy the peanut boy has a better track record...WTF
As we reflect, the broken promises list is too big to keep even this meager blog interesting,...we have to ask ourselves; WTF? How much more are we going to take? Do we even know what we can do? Do we think that "WE THE PEOPLE" have no power? We do. But it's not going to come easy. Most of us, who have tried to live the American Dream, from our living room sofas to our kids soccer fields, have got to take a break of sorts, we've got to sacrifice some of those "quality" times to hit the streets. Not just demonstrations or protests, although those are good too, but get active in the governance, after all WE are "WE THE PEOPLE". If you do not know who your representative is, that's a start, your alderman? These people are YOUR VOICE, get in their face....start neighborhood groups on issues bigger than just garbage pick-up, ORGANIZE, EDUCATE, ACT. It's in our hands. Let's make these too big to fail slavers have to say "WHAT THE FUCK"!!!
freeman lomax

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