Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Weekly Relativity

You can just feel the buzz as we approach the new year, all the groups are gearing up to hit the ground running.As I watch the activities heat up, I can't help to find myself a bit disheartened. Now I'm no Rockit Sighentyst people but it's time to get real! What I'm about to say will probably piss alot of people off, and I also realize that with this little "bloggie" I won't appeal to everyone, but I don't know why all you beautiful people are not saying the same thing. OK, I personally have never permitted myself to be called a republican or a democrat, one, I don't like labels, and two, it sounds like an agenda in the works.  The latter  over the last year, being played out by "democrats" for "democrats" preceded by "republicans" for "republicans", neither of which was by the "people" for the "people" and in both cases not only have they made America look bad, they've walked all over our constitution. Any time our constitution is completely ignored for said agenda, it's treason, no matter what party you call yourself. The time is now to be an American first, a patriot, willing to give up your very life to protect and honor the Constitution of the United States of America, it's time to realize that these party driven politics are neither republican or democrat, and certainly are not American no matter how you dress them and only mean MORE BIG GOVERNMENT. We as a people have got to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! This does not mean changing party majorities, this does not mean a republican vs democrat consensus, it means using the plan we have laid out by our founding fathers so that We The People govern this nation. We need to unite, republicans and democrats alike as Americans. Start by recognizing your own parties atrocities, ask each other for forgiveness, then move forward, as patriots, as Americans.
 I hope everyone is on board for the Strike on Jan 20....these are important functions, as Americans, not pissed off partisans. Stay focused on 2010's November elections....we need to FIRE THEM ALL, no exceptions. These are hard core career politicians and have betrayed us in so many ways, all 435 seats in the house are up for election, and if We The People want to make ourselves heard, let them know we are serious and that WE MEAN BUSINESS!
I have had the awesome blessing of communicating with some Real Patriots and I look forward to working with you all as we get this done!!!!! BB,
 freeman lomax.

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