Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Weekly Relativity

Copenhagen...Do you need to be a Rockit Sighentyst to know whats goin on here? Talk about Idiot Wars (thanks Crash, I love that one). First you've got the Green Peacers protesting like it's 1969, and the sheeple think it's all about cleaning up the environment and an end of pollution. Hey I like those "skeptavists" attack on the SS minnow, hee hee, and every up and coming journalist scrambling for the best "exclusive". Meanwhile, every third world country presented their environmental plyte as they salivated at the prospect of grande payolla from the big polluters. Hee hee,,who cares about reading by candle light, it is kinda romantic, and there's my favorite bruto, Chavez, what he lacks in geno se qua, he makes up for it in cahones, hee. Through it all, unfortunate as it may seem, the best suggestions to the "Carbon Crisis" came from the Iranian midget who suggested that nuclear, yes nuke, a cleaner energy source, would be a better place to put the billions. Imagine that!. WOW!. But no, let's continue to pollute, it's cheaper, and way more profitable to likes of the IMF and the World Bank slavers. Now this is just the little stuff.
While all these wannabe's were snivelling, the "Chosen Ones" saw the bigger picture.$$$$$$$$ and power, what else, right? Hmmmm, who shall we start with.....the Banking Cartels.....with the prospect of carbon offsets money passing through them, derivative contracts, and credit swaps, taxation, hmmmm, billions at stake here, sweet! Ya think the Clintons have anything on the table?
 Carbon and Population, down Henry, down boy! Is a "One Child Only" law on the horizon, Kissengers' in a viagra induced coma on this one, lucky for us none of them will be his, loser.
 Then we've got international parenting on the table, what's this about? Slowly but surely UN treaties are gettin' scary!(Thanks again Crash!)
What I want to know is, what are these people going to do with all this money? How much is enough and why should THEY have it?
Global WAR-ming, thats why.
Placate the ignorant and cater to the consumers, the slaves to their system of debt.
Obama. Ooooooobama. You go boy!!! He's on a roll, after winning the Nobel War Prize, everybody wants in.
Remember this one.......
“I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.”

- Barack Obama

October 27, 2007
Now that he's prez....many of us no longer even go to the bank.
Hopefully he makes the mistake of signing something in Copenhagen, hee hee, we'll show him Who Can! We have a Constitution.
freeman lomax

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