Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What if you were to find out that Bin Laden has been dead for 8 years and Bush, Cheney,Rumsfeld, and of course their upline have been lying to all of us all this time.
What would you do?
What if the real reason we were in afghanistan for so long was really to train and develop a hardcore, battle hardened private military force (over 100,000 private troops there right now) owned by the Too Big to Fail elite for their NWO quest.
What if the new troop surge was to get as many of our soldiers over there for the final battle, an ambush.
What if you found out that the H1N1 virus was a well thought out plan
What would you do?
Be prepared people to set aside your diferences, conservative, liberal, lieratarian, right, left, or center, with each other we will be side by side, as patriotic americans, NOT toe to toe as adversaries when we throw down to fight. We don't want to end up in one of their 800 camps that are empty, yet guarded.
What would you do?
freeman lomax

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