Thursday, January 21, 2010


We The People showed the country that we mean business in Massachusetts, although our wrath was felt,
we continue to argue and squabble and blame. Politics in its primordial form, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives, liberals and independents…. but we’re all missing the boat. There is a bigger picture here. We are all the same. We are not the elites; We are the working class. We have, in essence, the same needs. Why do we argue with one another?
It’s time to return to the pursuit of Enlightenment. We need to make amends, cross the established “political” lines, and begin having a meaningful discourse on a socio-political solution. Not to be confused with socialism, “socio” in the sense of community, “political” in the form of Democracy. Political labels are destructive.
Are we really “conservatives” or “liberals?” It is time to think about what these words actually mean and not what Hannity and Olbermann tell us they mean.
 We have seen that balance in congress is important, a controlling party blatantly exercises it's will, openly and corrupt, and closely resembles a dictatorship. We have seen that without the voice of the people, they do so as though we don't exist, as though we don't care, as though we have no power to stop them. Well on Tuesday, 1-19-2010 we showed them that we do, and believe me, they're running scared, Republicans and Democrats alike, they know they've done wrong, and they know that their time has run out. 

One thing is for sure, We are the working class; corruption abounds, and We (the middle class) are not doing the corrupting. We are on the same side, Americans United. We just need to recognize it and find ways to strengthen our bond as citizens . We might find that none of us need to cross to the other side of any "lines."
There just might not be a line at all.
freeman lomax

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