Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Am American

Hi my name is Chief White Cloud the Forgotten One, I fought terrorists before it was even a word. My lands were stolen, my peoples’ body parts were displayed as ornaments and trophies and my way of life was destroyed, I am American.

Hi my name is Lakeisha, my family has lived in America since before it was independent, my great, great, great, great, grandmother served the household of Thomas Jefferson, yet somehow I feel like I don’t belong here. I am American.

Hi my name is Jorge, I love and call America my HOME. I was born here, to parents who were born here and I have family in Mexico who cannot come here. I am saddened to be a poor neighbor and my parents miss their families. I am American

Hi my name is Sakuro, my family was detained because the country that my grandparents left behind attacked my America. Does my HOME not love me like I love it? I am American

Hi, my name is Homeless Vietnam Veteran, I am saddened to see my America at war….again. I was raised with Christian values and believe that killing is a sin and a crime. I will readily defend my America, but I find it unjust to attack other lands for reasons that are unclear. I am American

Hi my name is Betsy, my computer is soooo slow, it’s taking forever to download this song to my ipod. I’m grounded because I broke my 3rd cell phone this month, I’m so bored. I am American.

Hi my name is American House Wife and I have 4 children and I raise them to the morals and values passed down to me by the family generations. My family lived in a nice home in a respectable neighborhood until my Husbands’ job was offshored when his company cut costs and we had to foreclose, I am American.

Hi, my name is U.S. Armed Forces, I’m being deployed on my 2nd tour in Afghanistan. I miss my family and my home. Hey, why am I here? I thought Iraq was the enemy. I am American

Hi, my name is Senior Citizen. I worked for 35 years at the same company, my pension was all but lost in the 80’s and social security barely makes ends meet. I can only hope I don’t lose Medicare. I am American.

Hi my name is Victim of a Crime, I was robbed, raped and beaten and left for dead. My assailant was arrested, tried, but released because his lawyers found a loophole and he walks free today. I live in fear every day, I am American.

Hi, my name is MIA, don’t forget me please, I don’t know where I am but I know I am American.

Hi my name is Religion, I am not about persecution and salvation is my mission. I represent all that is good, and I condemn evil. Why do you neglect me? I am American.

Hi, my name is Patriot. I do not tolerate tyranny and I will defend you to the death. The only color I see is Red, White, and Blue but they call me a terrorist. I am American.

Hi, my name is America, don’t tread on me. I am strong and I am fragile, I am pristine, and I have feelings and values and I am proud. I am sad when I hear these stories of the fruits of my spacious skies, my mountainous majesties, my amber waves of grain, and I’m hurt that some of my people have forgotten what I stand for. I stand for LIFE, I stand for LIBERTY and I stand for the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, not just for any “chosen” group, but for ALL that call me HOME.

freeman lomax

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