Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Matter How You Dress It, a Rat is Still a Rat.

There will always be Americans who will believe whatever the government tells them no matter how many times they know the government has lied to them.

“Hence it can be said that these days the most important agencies of the military-industrial complex and the national security state are the media conglomerates. These agencies of propaganda for an aggressive war bombard us on a daily basis with mental missiles of psychological warfare.
“The constant barrage of messages we receive that peace is to be found in war, that freedom is to be found in slavery, that wealth is to be found in indebtedness, and that truth is to be found in lies, is pulling humanity away from our fragile inheritance of reason, rationality, and enlightened discourse on the real menaces we face…” (Splitting the Sky)

The people of my age group were indeed brought up to believe in and have faith in the government up until about Vietnam, then, from the sixties through the early 70's, college students began a great movement , but they just up and stopped and left the job unfinished, became "yuppies" and sold out to the ideals of the material life, thus ushering in the "Reagan Cocaine 80's" thru the middle/late 90's, "Fast Buck Freddys'" living "Life in the Fast Lane", completely numb and content in their "high-lives", and now here we are today. Yet our parents still believe in the government and our children don't have a clue as to how to lose. Now the "baby boomers", some of their frustrated parents, and the under and unemployed offspring have become "Born Again Americans" but are totally reluctant to experience a little discomfort in the lifestyle they have created and still look for that "pie in the sky" through technologies rose colored glasses, yet they continue placate their every whim. Can we recapture that  earlier protesting "change the world" mantra and "Just Say No" to the sell-out & self indulgent trappings? It'll make our job that much easier, really.

Let's rewind to 1913 and the implementation of the FED. We could go further, but herin lies the beginning to where we are today. Democrats and Republicans alike are not immune to lying and cheating as history will show, and the events that bring us to the present are way too many to list. The key here is to not be "Party Blind, understand why they do this ($$$), and stop it, not as a Liberal, not as a Conservative, but as an American. Our Constitution has been ripped to shreds by everyone who has called themselves; POTUS, a Representitive, a Senator or a Supreme Court Judge. Then with the reach of the main stream media, they've brainwashed The People into submission. Really folks, don't trust anyone, look past the smiles and the hoopla. A GOOD MARKETING program as a CAMPAIGN means BIG MONEY drives it and BIG MONEY means an AGENDA. Question everything, do your research, dig, dig, dig, and no mater how much they sing and dance, DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!!! If the new candidates aren't willing to reverse the "liberties theft" one by one, from our constitution from 1913 through today, they do not have Our Countrys' best interest at heart. Let's end the FED, evict the UN, and abolish "Corporate Personhood". It may also be a good idea to Buy American too, after all, we want to see OUR people succeed.
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