Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Weekly Relativity

They Got Us Again!!!!!!!! If you don't believe that this is the direction we are headed, you; A) Haven't been paying attetion, or B) still have faith in these people.

Now I'm no Rockit Sighentist, but it is obvious that the Health Care (Eugenics) Bill is yet another lie, a ruse to hide the real truths. With this legislation comes "Free Preventative Care", a nice way to say....Mandatory Vaccines. This leads to a chain of interesting cicumstances.....You won't qualify for health care unless your Vaccines are up to date, resulting in fines and possibly detention, as in FEMA camps. To administer these Free Vaccines, the clinicians must follow the gov. Mandated (it's in the bill) electronic records keeping, that's right, RFID's, a chip implant that will have your records stored conveniently in you derrier. Should the clinician refuse, they won't get licensed and or detained/fined, should you refuse, more fines and more detention, where more than likely you won't "pass go" until you've complied. So really, this Bill isn't Health Care, it's a combination of payback to Pharma for the failed swine flu virus, also an Employment;.....IRS goons/gestapo.....Prison Guards and all related services.......a boon for for the electronics industries.... and of course the insurance companies, and oh yes, the Information Super Sewer. Now who will keep/transmit the electronic records, watch for Google and Microsoft to jump all over this, wireless tecnology, (?) and suppose all new computers come equipped with the capability to dial into your chipped ass, well the possibilities are endless, more Big Bro!

The next battle is immigration, so how can Big Brother extend his coverage here.......a national ID that corresponds to that chip between your cheek and hmmm........check points at every state line, .......electronic tracking devices installed on every interstate, which many already have if you haven't noticed (who owns a large portion of our toll roads?), your car tags, OnStar??.

Don't think that the Republicans weren't in the loop on this either, they were all part of the mascarade to keep the people thinking that we have a "real" system here that works democratically. Why else would seemingly "good" politicians (that's an oxymoron) like John McCain and Scott Brown been quietly sponsoring the "belligerent patriot" bill in the shadow of the big one. WTF!!!!

If you think for a moment that the Biderbergers, Trilateral Commission, CFR, the Banksters, and all the rest of the Round Table groups were sitting on the edge of their seats watching the vote on CNN like the rest of us, think again.

We really need to read into these things a lot better, oh, thats right....they didn't let us read it.....

How can we show Washington what 100 million people looks person.????????? Dressed in all Black!!!!!!!! It would make a great arial photo, call it "Sea of Black, a Nation in Mourning". Let's plan a 3 day camping trip for say, June, maybe? The day after elections?
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