Friday, April 2, 2010


To all my brothers and sisters at arms;

These are indeed difficult times, we watch as week by week, our constitutional rights and our voices are ignored. We have lived through many administrations that have covertly passed legislation which has little by little chipped away at our liberties for almost 100 years, yes,100 years. That is unimaginable. Start with the FED in 1913....look at history from then on. 100 years people, and here we go again, one last time, looking for November's elections to rectify this situation, and we still see people supporting those incumbent career politicians. If just one should be re-elected, we have failed. We have failed to get the message out and will be subjecting the next 3 generations of the same tyranny. Can you live with that?

We have seen the frustration surface, we have seen our fellow patriots act in desperation and we are forced to turn our backs. Many of us are in dire straits economically, unemployed, many of us are on the brink, but many of us are surviving "well" under these uncertain times and are wondering how to maintain the balance between our patriotic duty and the well being of our families. This cannot lead us to taking the easy path, for it will only make the road that much more difficult for our future generations. There will be much preparation and sacrifice ahead of us in the here and now, we will need to help and encourage those already in times of need to lift their patriotic spirits that may have dwindled. Our families; the time is now to begin a "lean" process, no need to deprive, but it's certainly to your best interest to eliminate any excessive self indulgences. The time to stock up is now.

Those in uniform are not our enemies, military or civilian, they are people like you and I. We must educate each and every American with the facts because we will need each and every American on the same side to succeed in the task at hand. Can we ignore these facts any longer; ?

We'll go on to November, God willing, with faith that we can take the first step towards reparations, and with faith in our constitution, but not as blind sheeple being led to the slaughter. Understand that we will suffer more loss of liberties between now and then as we are forced to impotently turn the other cheek. So, when you go to the polls, know in your heart that your your decision will be of epic proportion, should you elect more of the same, you've chosen failure.

Patriots, be strong. The alleged actions of late do not reflect the purpose of the resistance movement or constitutional militias. Continue to resist any unconstitutional acts of congress or executive orders, never waiver, never comply, but do not take up arms without such orders. Violence on the innocent is never the answer and it is a crime. We are not criminals, we are Patriots.


freeman lomax

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