Monday, April 26, 2010

A Unification Plan

This is an idea, it does not necesarily represent the feelings of the groups mentioned here as of yet. I'm putting this up for discussion and would appreciate your thoughts.


It's time to join forces, too many small groups get lost in the crowd. We'll need a unified name, something that can easily be identified should a 3rd party spring out from it, however the individual groups involved will retain their individual names. My proposal is this; based on the need for a complete clean up (out) of congress, unconstitutional legislation that has been passed over the years under all administrations since 1913, and the growing police state that has formed as a result of these legislations, I have identified the strong groups with ideas/concepts that would appear to complete the solution if they should choose to work together as one. Each groups founders and staff would continue to work their concepts, but would openly endorse the others. All of the groups would unify under one name, continue to fly their individual flags/logos on all promo materials, and of course under the flag of the USA and in full compliance with the Constitution. If you are not familiar with the other groups, the links to their sites have been provided so that you can see how this all ties in. The groups are;

1. GOOOH ; "Get Out Of Our House"...A non-partisan candidate selection process.

2. KTAO ; "Kick Them All Out" project...Same idea, many tools available to market the concept, also has a follow-up plan to address the constitutional ammendment 14

3. The Articles of Freedom ; Has addressed many constitutional ammendments, has a legal action plan and a civic action plan.

4. Guardians of the Free Republics ; continues the legal process and has served eviction notices to the governors of each state.Also talks about the du jure Grand Jury.

5. American Grand Jury ; Has focused on a little known constitutional right the "indicte" by procurement, officials whom have violated the Constitution, has served each supreme court justice.

6. The Oath Keepers ; Essential to our saftey through this process, their focus continues with Armed Forces and Law Enforcement agencies to remind them of their obligations in their oath to uphold our constitution, and to teach them what it all means. How to seperate civic duty from patriotic duty and what to expect from the armed citizens that are on their side, and to encourage them to be leaders amonst the militia community rather than adversaries.

The only thing that I can offer is my time and effort to implement this unification and to be an advocate promoting these efforts. The group founders remain the best spokes people and if we could combine speaking engagments where each of these groups are represented our numbers and strength can only grow.

freeman lomax

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