Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here we go again, we've seen this all too many times. Sure, the oil spill is truly an environmental disaster of epic proportions, but it is to my understanding that this rig was not yet operational and in no way effects the current oil supply, in fact, this rig would have been producing over and above current supplies, or in other words, "new oil". The clean-up efforts will be huge as will the costs, and though our fearless leader declared that BP will pay for their mistake, you and I know that these costs, like every thing else will come straight out of our pockets at the gas pumps. Are we going to stand for that?

Our country has once again been challenged with immigration reform, yet no efforts to secure the border have risen to this challenge. Instead, we are reduced to racist apartheid like methods to deal with a really simple issue. Close the borders, simple as that. I have seen many photos of the current wall being constucted, and even at my age find them to be easily climbed. Come on, an 8 to 10 foot fence? It would seem that 16 would be a minimum height, and I did not see one single observation tower to be able to see the other side??? Even the FEMA camps are surrounded with towers, for a much smaller area. Before any decision as to how to deal with those that are already here can be made, we have to be damn sure that no one else can come in, duh!!!

The war on terror, implemented under the criminal Bush regime, and never officially declared by congress, now with mass murderer Obama, continues its farce in the middle east. Another failed "War On..",.. pissed off terrorists are still able to blow people up here in the US. Although the bomb in Time Square was a dud, it still made it to it's target location and with that, scored a win for the 'RAQI-AFI-PAKIS'. And thanks to the "War on Drugs, one can still easily find a joint to smoke so you can smoke-up before you get blown-up...LOL

Now I'm no Rocket Sighentyst, but it looks to me like the more we think that we have "awakened", the further we've fallen into the clutches of the control machine. We will continue to do so until we as a people get off our high horses and make some serious changes within our own way of life, the problem is, we are addicted to a lifestyle of excess and for the most part, terrified that we will lose it if we in fact effect the necessary changes. People, we are Americans, we are the Free, we are the Brave, we will succeed if we try, but we have to try. Put the politics to one side for a moment, it's time to tackle the problem at the top; The Military Industrial Complex, begining with the banks. They need money, your money, stop giving it to them. Move your accounts out of their banks, dump their credit cards, the only thing you need to finance is your home. You'll find you will even save a bit of money this way. If you need that expensive new car, save for it, you may even think twice about buying it if you have to use your own money. Once they choke out, which they are already real close, we pick up politics again. With this we end the FED and start our own National Bank through congress, like it's supposed to be. Can we undo 97 years over night, no, this is where strength, and patience, and a bit of sacrifice come in. Now I'm not suggesting that we throw our heads back and sing la la la through 20 choruses of Kumbaya and everything will be groovy, on the contrary, it's time to get tough, the American Dream will not die through 6 months to a year of serious boycotting the corporatocracy that is plaguing us and the entire world, and quite frankly, it's the only option.
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