Monday, June 7, 2010

Extreme It Is

A recent article appeared on a website that has a decidedly Democrat/Liberal/Left spin that depicts the existance of Militias, and White Supremacist and that they are somehow related to each other and it bundles them into the category of "Right Wing Extremists", and through their social networking usage may pose a danger to something.
Many friends of mine from many different walks were somewhat upset with this, mainly because a journalist would suggest that someone be arrested for exercising their right to free speech, as for myself, I found it very interesting. It is interesting in many ways, but as media will be media, and their continuous struggle to catch the wave of main stream notoriety under the mysteriously intriging cloak of an independent news source, this site imitates just what it should probably be trying to change. As we, or  more to the point, I, talk about Revolution Now!, it is 'the truth' that we wish to revolutionize. I can see how the concept could get misconstrued as it covers a vast spectrum of needed changes in our society. The preservation of our constitution for one, our constitutional republic form of government, and all the rights and liberties our founding fathers had mapped out, could be outright scary. To deny the remote possibility that an actual coup of sorts may be necessary to do this can only be attributed to the awesome job that the media has done to sway public opinion.(although our own goverment sponsors these methods in other countries) If someone was brainwashed, would they even know it?

The liberty movement that is sweeping our nation is neither right nor left, yet sometimes both, it's neither extreme nor radical, yet at times again both. We will protect our land and ALL it's people if called upon, from ALL enemies foreign, or domestic. We are Patriots, just like those who freed this land from the unjust rule of Great Britain, we believe in our declaration of independence, we pledge allegiance to our flag, and our constitution is repected as the law of the land. Pretty awesome right. You bet, but that my friends is what it means to be an American. If that is "extreme", so be it. Extreme It Is.

Many groups that call themselves "The Militia", are actively involved in volunteer civil activities such as disaster relief, community services, and work with their churches, and all of them have sworn an oath to the constitution, which by the way encompases ALL Americans.These Patriots have no desire to overthrow the government, after all, we are the government, remember?

White supremacy is a whole different animal as it deals with racism, not politics,and is in no way to be confused with a constituional militia, however, I can see it's value in this article as a propaganda tool to sway public opinion against a concept either not understood by the editor(s) or simply a petty attack on the opposing political party in this growing childish, waste of valuble time partisan bickering. I have watched and read the opinions from those claiming one side or the other. Democrats screamed their lungs out as the Bush admin was in "control", now Republicans scream their lungs out while Obama is in "control" , yet neither side is willing to recognize that both administrations have done the same exact thing as the other, they back them "just because" and still believe that it is in fact the administration that is in "control". If someone was brainwashed, would they even know it?

Unless we all unite and organize on common ground, our very way of life and the ideals that our country was founded upon will continue to unravel. Everywhere we look, the truth has fallen to money.Greed is a sickness no different than denial, it clouds your judgement and any action can be justified in the mind.

[While being categorized as a "right wing extemist" or a"radical leftist commie" may be a frightening prospect, what other people are led to believe about us is not so important. What is important is that we do not start to believe it ourselves. That we are not made to feel guilty for wanting to determine our own destinies, for wanting to keep government out of our lives and our children’s lives. We are not the instigators of this conflict, we are not the antagonists of this story. In the end, we are the deciders of this conflict. We are the authors of this story.We cannot allow others to speak for us, because others are unlikely to speak the truth. And most crucial of all, we cannot ever be afraid to speak for ourselves.][from Giordano Bruno]

Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air, forceful and clear, let the world listen, and truth never stop.

freeman lomax

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