Monday, October 4, 2010


It always irks me when I see or hear the MSM trying to evaluate the Patriot Movement. As with the Tea Party, allegations of racism always seem to be strewn about. They base some of their rhetoric on the illegally gathered info from the FBI, DHS, CIA, FEMA, ICE etc. Instead of hiding around corners, infiltrating and trying to entrap otherwise rightous groups, eavesdropping phone calls, and intercepting internet keywords, why don't they just drop a dime and ask someone, there's nothing to hide. In fact, nothing would be better than for the populous to know as much as they can about the Patriot Movement so that they understand that it's the duty of every Patriotic American who values our way of life to be ready to defend our nation, under the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign and domestic.What would you classify as an enemy? If Fidel Castro was our president, and he tried to nullify our constitution and implement his socio/commie ideals, what would you do? Would he not be a traitor? If the FBI, DHS, & CIA, FEMA, ICE etc, followed along with that plan, what would that make them? Home Grown Terrorists? I admit that that's a bit over the top, but some people need obvious black to white comparisions to get the picture. When the Nazi trials were taking place, the "I was following orders" defense was thrown out of the courts. I ask you, FBI, DHS, CIA, FEMA, ICE etc. agents; is that your defense? Surely you must know that you are Americans too. Technology advancements that make your jobs easy shouldn't provoke you to disregard the laws of the land, and anytime the laws begin to go against the Constitution, you must know that it is your duty to say or do something, I insist, remember, you work for me and you took the oath. Main Stream Media, you guys crack us up!!! Go from FOX channel to CNN, each one of them is right and says the other is wrong, and neither one gives the true story. Accessories to the Global Agenda? You betcha!! OK, rewind to the point at hand, the Patriot Movement is comprised of regular American citizens who's sole desire is to see our nation function under the Constitution as it was intended to do. Are there Republican, Democrat, Liberatarian, or Independent Patriots, yes. Are there conservative, liberal, racist, non-racist, christian, buddhist, agnostic, pro life, and pro-abortion, etc. Patriots, again yes. Law enforcement Patriots, Football Fan patriots, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Brown, Purple and Green Patriots. Yes, yes, yes!!! You see, the love of ones liberty crosses every line that you can imagine, everyone is welcome, and the very differences that make us unique are the very things that make us strong. Are there plans to overthrow the government? No, quite the contrary.  Yes, we are tired of our elected officials not doing what they said they would do, and worse yet, in the darkness of the night, robbing us of our liberties and spending our childrens future to make themselves a better life now. We are tired of being lied to Mr. President. Talk is cheap, but ones word is golden. If you take an oath, you are to uphold that oath, if you cannot, resign and seek another line of work. Main Stream Media; tell the truth!! Have you no self respect? Sure economic times are bad all over, and I'm sure that you too are just glad to have a job, even the career politicians are deathly afraid of losing "their" jobs, but if your job requires you to do something wrong, stand up for what is right and do it! When you can do that and only then will you understand the Patriot Movement.
freeman lomax

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