Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have been watching the "awakening" of America's progress in 2010 and it's becoming really frustrating and making me very angry as I see conservatives and liberal converts alike latching onto the "new breed" of political celebrities like sheeple. I can't believe how easily the American public can fall into these trappings yet complain about those that fell for Obama. True, we need some form of leadership to act as trustworthy refounders of our nation, but just how does one distinguish the good from the bad? I knew from the moment I saw Palin as McCains' running mate that she would play a big role in this country, win or lose, but just what is her role? Who does she work for? For one, if you can't see that she indeed works first for herself and her own personal gain, you have not yet awkened from the hypnosis that the control machines media spin doctors have induced on our nation. She is powerful, yet very dangerous, and for those who think that she's a ditz, let me tell you, she's "dumb like a fox". It's kind of like watching a movie or a TV soap or series, and getting so enthralled that you actually begin to believe that it is reality. Your subconcience then slowly feeds your concience and you begin to find yourself emulating your favorite character. Looking to history, the tragic Hitler saga was a perfect example of how this works. He first gathered his followers, hypnotised them with falsehoods and dillusions and then BAM! He let them have it. Glen Beck is another example, as many times as he has flip flopped on his position on a variety of issues, I can't believe he has not been literally tarred and feathered. That is what is so scary, he has his sheeple so entranced with his character, they will follow him any where. When his, and Palins handlers give the signal, BAM! they're gonna let the sheeple have it, and the sheeple will actually believe in what they are doing. The real problem is, where are the real leaders.....where are the new Jeffersons, Franklins, Madisons, Washingtons etc? You truly don't believe that you have them in your Palins, Becks, Ryans, Bachmans or O'Donnels do you? I can't believe I've actually included Beck in that group, but just imagine this, if Rupert Murdock so desires, Beck could actually successfully run for office, thats really scary.  You don't think that there may be some 'Sieze the Opportunity" going on here. You don't think that those in control know how to play their hands? I have not heard any one of those people speaking about criminal investigations for the banksters, have you? Have any of these folks mentioned anything about reapealing the Patriot Act? Homeland Security Act? Federal Reserve Act? No. This only tells us that they are planning business as usual and my guess is that they will sieze the opportunity to  take over the "accounts" of the voted out imcumbents. I'm confident that most people that read this will agree, that since 9/11 and the passing of the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act, an awakening in this country began to occur.
Some to the extent that in their anger with the Bush administration, crossed party lines and voted for Obama, a mistake they now regret. The unfortunate part of this is that those people are those we refer to as "sheeple", and yes, they exist amongst conservatives as well as liberals. Now, post Obama, these sheeple that think they are awake because they see their mistake, are now being herded by yet other "sheeple dogs" and they don't even know it and will outright deny it when confronted. How do you get through to these people? Is it going to take a huge catastrophy to wake them? We need everyone onboard, this is too critical to let continue. We'll see some progress this election cycle, but this is not where it ends. I have a simple rule, "Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see". Pretty closed minded? Todays special effects really reduces the "half of what you see" to way less, (BP oil spill ring a bell?). I beg of all of my fellow Patriots, the awakened free thinkers, do your part to help these "sheeple" not be lead to them how to them don't have to pay me to be American, I do not require a million dollar contract to believe in my constitution, and you can believe I will give my life to preserve and protect our great nation, absolutely free of charge.
freeman lomax

A Nation of Sheep Will Beget a Government of Wolves.

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