Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Revolution (part four)

The 21st Century American Militia
No matter how hard they try, we won't go away.........

We have come a long way from that night that Paul Revere took his historic ride, it's doubtful that many of us could even ride a horse, but today we can spread the word at light speed. The question is; has this age of technology softened the American spirit? Hell No!!!!

No one should disrespect someone that is willing to give his life for his country. Hold your heads high, my brothers, for it is all of you that define the word Patriot! This is the final part of this 4 part series and I will try to leave out the literary eloquence and get straight to the point. Alert status should be at REDCON3, telephone tree and radio com tests done monthly/weekly. I would urge all state leaders to be in contact with eachother and set up an intra-state border patrol units plan with your neighboring states leaders and establish com, you need to know who's coming and going. Plan secure travel routes within your states. Point is ladies and gentlemen, we don't have much time to refine our defenses, I know alot of you have already done this, don't slack, and above all, keep moral high.

One must ask; "Where are our modern day Thomas Jeffersons, our George Washingtons, a leader(s) willing to risk it all to rally the troops? This is a very complex situation and unfortunately, without them, we are bound to a defensive posture while we watch as our liberties and God given rights are slowly stolen from us in the night. This angers us more and more each day, but we must know and believe in our hearts that regardless, we will continue to live free and defend that right when the time comes. It is important that everyone communicates with their county law enforcement agencies to be sure that they will not allow the federal government enforce any of these new laws that encroach on our liberties. Should they not agree, vote them out. They also need to know that our assistance is always available to them. Now, this covers the subject of federal law(lessness) that congress and the legislature continues to impose. This is all good, but what about state and local levels? This is the real heart of the problem. Our "offensive" must focus on this subject. Does corruption exist at these levels? You betcha!! This offensive is not an "armed" attack, it is one of voice and vote. I know that for some this may be disappointing, but after all, is it not for our American way of life that we take up arms? In order for our plans to halt our runaway federal government to work, we must be 100% sure that the lower level systems are intact and that they know the constitution. We must clean up and keep clean the governments at the state and local levels.

The 21st Century American Militia is far more complex than those of the American Revolution, for life these days is a far cry from the simplicity of yester years. The American Dream has become a mind boggeling race to consume, not soley dependant on mere survival in the primordial sense,(although spiralling in that direction) but a confusing steeplechase to "have, have, have". One is measured by the car one drives, it's not enough to have a home for ones family, you have to have a TV in every room including the kitchen and the bathroom! Most folks are unaware that very soon, they won't be able to grow a tomato plant in the yard, yet watching the fervor in planning their "Black Friday" strategies was truly embarrassing to say the least. Is this what we want to be? Is this the American dream? Slaves to the newest technology? Slaves to debt? It is the job of everyone that calls themself a Patriot to wake these people up!!!

I should hope all of you are following the steps in parts one and two and are ready to support our "Re-Founders" shown in part three, but now, with the exception of keeping aware of whats going on, it's time to focus on our chosen roles. I'm sure you are aware that we are under a blatant attack to our liberties and they have shown us that they have no plans to stop. We showed up strong on Nov. 2nd, we sent a clear message, yet the ruling elite continues ignore the people. These are acts of treason and we need to step it up, we need to be in their faces relentlessly.Have you a logistics plan? Has anyone spoken with their county sherrif? Where is your state on nullification and succesion? Do you participate in your local governance? Is your state a state calling for a constitutional convention? Are you and your neighbors stocking up?

Some of us have taken the oath, others still may, it's now up to each and every one of us to uphold that oath.!!! Those of you in law enforcement, protect and serve as you will, but never forget that you too are American, do not stand by and let your country become a police state bound to do the work of tyrants and profiteers.

The 21st Century American Militia is not limited to those of us who excercise our 2nd amendment rights, but each and every American citizen. The mind is our WMD. Everyone has a role, everyone has a stake. The perverbial "first shot" has already been fired, you have been armed, the time is now to fire back!!!
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