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.."The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."........thomas jefferson

these words resound a fervor amongst patriots. they exemplify the spirit of the american indepence from the tyranical rule of great britain. a rule which was not unlike the current situation that we face today. the imposed debt by the goverment over the people spawned the great american experiment of self rule. how far we have drifted away from that concept outlined in our declaration of independence and constitution. in those days, the solution was easy, take up arms and claim what was percieved to be right, in those days too, people still hunted for food. in todays society, rather than taking to the countryside in search of a few days meat, or venturing to our field to harvest a crop for personal sustainence, we simply go to the grocery store and buy it with our money. money, rather than a strong plow horse or a fine rifle, money is the symbol of a mans power and success, and he who controls the money, controls everything. it is what enables conquest, corruption, and tyranny. money has become the blood of patriots, and the tyrannical control machine has slit our collective wrists to water their own personal trees of liberty and we lie there, happily chugging OJ and cramming doughnuts down our throats to have the strength to bleed some more. good little slaves we've been, slaves to debt.






How do we water the tree of liberty. with the blood of patriots and tyrants. We patriots are already bleeding, in the form of a debt servitude. The tyrants grow stronger as they feed on our toils. So, logically, we must take from them what they need most, or should i say, claim what is rightfully ours. Our money. It may sound silly to you but for without our money, our blood if you will, they are powerless. The work ahead of us may be arduous, but certainly less perilous than trading bullets on a field of battle. How do you claim your money? Simply stop giving it to them. You must review your finances with the list I will provide you, you must boycott the products produced oversaes and read every label on every purchase to know its origin. Then follow some simple instructions and stick to the plan. sacrifice a little of your time rather than a lot of your liberties.

a.) Discontinue any business that you do with the listed financial institutions. Research the Credit Unions in your area and choose those that also do not do business with the listed institutions. This will include; refinancing your home, your cars, boats, toys etc with the C.U. Get their credit card if you must have one and transfer your balances to it. Pay off the ones that they won't transfer and the transfered accounts as soon as you can so you can get off the credit addiction. once you've acomplished this, the money that you no longer are sending to debt tyrants, send to yourself, right to your savings account.

Just imagine the impact that this act alone will have on the parasitic too big to fail financial institutes. Ok, get out your calculator. there are aproximately 150 million people in the work force today. Look at your personal monthly interest payments, times 150 million. wow right, that's monthly. Ok give or take a billion or two for averages, but yikes!
You will now have fired the first shot.
Should you choose not to do this, this REVOLUTION cannot be won.

b.) As we look at the too big to fail, we always leave out the biggest financial pirate organization because we've been programmed to believe that they are an untouchable entity. That would be the Federal Reserve Bank. For those of you new to the information highway, the FED is no more "Federal" than Federal Express. They are in fact a privately owned company. The highly controversial implementation of the FED is one thing that must be eliminated during the course of this REVOLUTION, this will occur a bit further down the line, but in the mean time, here's what you need to do. This step requires a lot of discipline, you will need to save some money, here's why. You need to reset your deduction line on your W-2 with your employer to at least 6 more dependants than your have now. This will virtually eliminate any money from being deducted from your paycheck to the FED, put the money normally deducted into a separate savings account because at the end of the year you will pay your taxes, however, throughout the year, you will hold your money, depriving cash flow to the FED pirates. again, get out your calculater to see the impact. (weekly) The money you send the FED does nothing but pay the interest on the printed money they've sold our government, maybe some of their bonuses and salaries too, but absolutely nothing for America. I urge you to watch this "zeitgeist" video to get a better understanding of the FED and our monetary system. You will see how money is created out of thin air!!
The religious comparisons in this video are explained in the bible. The Pheonix project is interesting, but the important part is the explanation of the monetary system at the beginning.

“If money is wanted by Rulers who have in any manner oppressed the People,
they may retain it until their grievances are redressed,
and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions
or disturbing the public tranquility.”
Journals of the Continental Congress (1774), 1:105-113

The lists;

The following link contains the bailot recipients, when they close, the FED will seize their assets.

c.) Buy American!!!!! as often as possible, we must make purchases from our own people. those of you who support american companies that offshore with the mind set that it grows an "American" company either; a.) you or a family member work for said company in an office position, or b.) play the stock market (bad wall street). Are the lost jobs in this country as a result of this practice not important enough to you so that you do not try to find other ways to meet your needs? There are other options, they may take you out of your compfort zone, but it's for the greater good. people that buy foreign cars made here in the US are in the clear on this, it's about the jobs, not the product, but what other types of companies from foreign lands do you see rushing to our shores to set up shop? Do you know why these companies move over seas? They want to "grow" their profits. they are not satisfied with doing the same multimillion dollar profits year after year, they want more. That's called GREED people. Read the labels in the grocery stores, department stores, hardware stores, ask the pharmacist where your medicine is made, etc. We want to succeed. why wait for an elected official to create jobs when you yourself can do it!!!
Are you getting the idea?

this concludes part 1. part 2 will discuss what you will need to do for the next election cycle.......remember, a REVOLUTION can not be achieved from the sofa!!!

freeman lomax

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  1. I've been graced with some feedback on this article and I want to make it clear that, 1. This is a 4 part series with a variety of actions. and 2. These actions can be done together continuosly or seperately, but they all have to be done. For example, on your way to the range, swing by the bank and do what your part as outlined, go shootin', then on your way home, stop for that milk you've been asked to get, pray that it's American Dairy, nah, just look at the label.......go home and spend a few moments with your family and maybe spread the good word on the web, hit the hay and go to work again in the morning, it's a drop in the bucket. This first part is so important, we can no longer continue to finance our own demise. If my brothers are so struggling with the idea of paying dues here on WRAM, yet willingly are giving money to the enemy through interest payments, purchases and taxes, that alone should be enough for any of you to see how important this is. There are so many types of warfare, we too need to use them all, our enemies will use every means possible, count on it. We lack the financial ability to weaponize the way we might want to, but we are all equipped with the one WMD that is free, our minds. Let's put them to use. I implore all of you to take these actions, they are so vital. Every penny you can hold back from these people multiplied by 150 million is huge, so it doesn't matter what economic class you are in for this to be a devastating blow to the enemy. So if you are thinking that your money or lack there of won't be effective, think again, every last penny counts.
    Don't take this as condiscending....we are brothers at arms....all of us ready to defend to the death this great nation, please watch this plan, do the math, follow-up on the research and let's get this thing started!! Part 2 comes out Sunday 11-14.


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