Sunday, November 21, 2010

THE REVOLUTION (part three)

In 2010, the american public has awakened poltically to a new height of awareness. Born again americans are hatching up everywhere, slowly, but at a consistant rate. I say slowly because although empowered with new info, some still fall into the trap of following the "sacred cows", the charismatic "say everything the people want to hear" pollitical celebrities, ie; Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, for some it seems to still be a bit difficult to completely leave the shell, the comfort zone. But there is hope. It is up to us, those of us that have left the egg behind forever, to take flight and lead our fellow patriots on the course to true enlightenment, true freedom. So, here are the plans, plural, as there is more than one group pressing for the same goal. Ultimately, it would be good that all of these groups joined together under one banner, but until then, these are it. Remember;




In order to acheive what is necessary politically, the very next step is to fire each and every senator and congressman we missed in 2010 and replace them with someone new. We can't just replace them with another career minded political type, or with someone that the sacred cows are promoting, but with citizen representation who will have no ties to a single special interest group. This means that many of you will have to fire your favorite official, but they can try again 2 years later should they so choose, and then you can decide if they have changed their outdated political ways. Please go to the following web sites and read them in their entirety. If you already have, read them again please. Here again, if you choose NOT to follow this step, the REVOLUTION CAN NOT BE WON.

Mr. McDonald and Mr. Cox, I plead with you guys to get together, your work is so awesome and you really form a complete picture together. I will also suggest that you contact the administrators to 2 other groups that are actively working on the constitution, there are things in their works that the selected candidates will need to be aware of and possibly sign on to. They would be;

We really need unity as well as representation in these groups.
I could try to elaborate on these objectives, but it is way better stated by the folks at GOOOH and at the Kick Them All Out Project. They have worked very hard on this and I would only do them an injustice, so take the time to visit the web sites and read them thoroughly.

We are at a turning point in our history. No other government has succeeded as long as we have and in order to continue our success, we need to tune this thing up. Proposing measures that modify the constitution seem scary to some, but there are some necesary controls that need to be in place so that the "legal spin doctors" cannot mangle the original ideas using legal speak to suit their needs. Throughout the years the Administrations have gone ahead and made changes to the constitution that many people are not even aware of, we can no longer allow this to happen and we must hold our representation accountable or guess what, we'll fire them. They need to know this, we had a strong showing this election cycle, but with key incumbents still managing to win, they doubt our seriousness, commitment, and our power, so let's "git 'er done!

SUMMARY so far;

1.)Take control of our money, stop giving it to the big banksters and end the FED
Stop giving the "To Big to Jail" bansters your money, move your finances to credit unions and banks not in their system!!! Decrease the amount of money deducted to your federal income taxes on your paychecks, remember, the FED is a private bank too. Buy American!
2.)Know the constitution and be prepared to make amendments.
Read it thoroghly, visit the links I provided and see the necessary amendments we need to add.
3.)Elect citizen representation, hold them accountable.
Go to the provided links here, read them, but most importantly, get involved!!!!

Part 4 next Sunday, The Militia.

freeman lomax

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