Sunday, November 14, 2010

THE REVOLUTION (part two a & b)


The Constitution, read and know it well;

As a people, we the people, we must demand nothing less from our government than them serving us, the people, under the principles of the US constitution. As a people, we must ring the phones, burn the web waves,use the pony express, and what ever it takes to have our voices heard by our newly elected and incumbent representation in the house and senate to invalidate any and all liberty robbing acts of congress, executive orders and ammendments that have been added that do not represent the original founding concepts. We must demand that any and all petitions for regress are heard and heeded to. No deviation from these principles will be tolerated nor will any person(s) or entities take precedence over these, the supreme laws of our land. We will do this by;

1. Establishing term limits on congress members. This will curtail the temptations of coruption and assure that fressh thinking is always at hand.

2. An Amendment to the Constitution that will clearly define the true intent of the 14th Amendment so it’s meaning will no longer be ambiguous and to specifically ensure that it can no longer be exploited to provide the unintended and inappropriate benefits of human rights protections for corporations.

Getting this amendment on the books is essential if you really want to end the reign of corporate colonialism that is swallowing up this world. We can throw a major wrench into the global machine with this one simple piece of legislation. Our country still is the beacon to the rest of world. If we turn things around here, the rest of the world will follow. If we don't, the rest of the world is doomed.

 Once this amendment is in place, we can than move to take the machine apart, starting with the global elite's primary source of power, their total control of our currency and credit system through their private central bank, the Federal Reserve, and abolish the insane "fractional reserve banking scheme" that allows these people to claim they have money they don't actually have. They just get to say they do. If a banker has $1000 on hand, they get to say they have $10,000 and lend out $9,000 and charge you interest on it by simply making journal entries. This is where most all the inflation comes from and why those with the most wealth and power have it. If you did that with your checking account, how long would you stay out of jail? Well, these s.o.b.s get away with it on a massive scale every day of the week for centuries.

 Once we remove their access to, literally unlimited wealth, we can then truly start to create the kind of world WE want to create. And when the rest of the world sees what we have done here, they will do the same in their countries and all the central banks can be eliminated and the people that have orchestrated all the massive frauds that are enslaving this world can be thrown in jail where they belong. These people are the scourge of the earth. We MUST take away their control of our country and our monetary system NOW, before it’s too late. We no longer have the luxury of time.

 3. Ammendments proposed to express in detail and limit clearly the role and the scope of power of DC.

4. For space in this article, I have provide links with the rest of the steps, the above and those in the provided links are already in progress so read and know whats' happening.


 A constitutional convention was held in October of 2009 by regular citizens like you and I, with delegates from almost all 50 states and as a result the "Articles of Freedom" were born. A similar convention was held by a group called " Break the Bonds of Tyranny" and they came up with an additional 21 well thought out new amendments to the constitution. Were you and I represented in any of this? Did very many people even know this was taking place? I only happened to stumble upon these myself, but I was looking for stuff like this. Their work is well thought out, not 100%, but truly needed. I do not like the way the BTBOT group defines the second amendment....but aside from that, both groups have got it right. The point is, being a Patriot, and being an active US citizen militia member under the US Constitution myself, I am glad to see that there are fellow patriots actively working on ths important part of the revolution. As we look at the potential of civil unrest and an uprising against tyranny, has anyone considered what should happen when it's over? Are we to just look at this as "Survive an Then What?" No, if you look at our history, the American Revolution had a purpose before it started, our Declaration of Independence, and ultimately our Constitution. If we use the historical course of events as a model, with or without bloodshed we will succeed. We are already on the right track with the Tea Party and the formation of the Patriot Movement. I am going to provide links that you must share and discuss with all your groups, everyone for that matter, this is the real deal and we, as in WE THE PEOPLE, need to make this happen. This needs to be discussed in detail, any changes to what you read there must be brought to the table, choose a delegation, and we'll form the constitutional congress of 2011. Shrug this off if you may, but if you don't take this seriously, those that do may just be making the decisions for you. BE A PART....GET INVOLVED..... PARTICIPATE....... Those of you not a member of a group, ie; political, local militia, volunteer groups......join something, those in groups, the time is now to unite the many groups and discuss the cooperatve roles we will all play when TSHTF.


  • Read and know the Constitution
  • Stay informed
  • Unify your groups and plan
  • Choose delegates.

The Links;


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