Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Demonization of Truth

Truth is typically made up of many facts. Leave a few facts out and the truth can be modified to better suit ones needs. Add hearsay to these facts and yet more new "truths" can be formed and when all is said and done, if you use a Government official or a celebrity to promote your "truth", you can sway the thinking of millions within a matter of days. Yes, it has become harder to do this in todays information super world, but by demonizing those who seek the truth along with the "truth", a concensus is much more difficult to form. Why would one do this you ask? Let's use Iraq as an example, our government did not need to convince the people so much as it needed to convince our troops, and had they been exposed to the "truther" movement, there is a good chance that they would have simply refused to go. Truthers are seen as nutbags from most pollitical persuasions, and have been called conspiracy theorists, which now has been spun as a derogatory term. Yet the people fail to see that the creators of this sort of propaganda and those that are spinning the facts are in fact the biggests conspiracy theorists themselves. Was the Iraqi WMD's not a theory of a conspiracy?......How about Al Qaeda? But they are the ones holding the "truth" and are rarely questioned by the sheeple. So, who has benefited from this? $$$$$$ Follow the money. These tactics are not unlike the same used in marketing campaigns to sell a product, and since you and I do not have to shell out a single dime to buy these "truths", it's a relatively easy sale. These tactics are being tested more and more everyday as the economic situation worsens. For the puppetmasters, control is how they put on their shows. They hold the strings, and they need to minimize their losses. Glen Beck has done a great "expose'" on George Soros, and rightfully so, Soros is a "scarey dude", but think about this, who does Beck represent. He'd like you to think that he does it for you, but who signs his paycheck, who writes his material and does the research? Soros is merley a competetor of Becks "masters" and they are marketing the "truth" to benefit themselves, not you. Obama tells us that the economy is "on the road to a great recovery", he doesnt tell us of the detours that lie ahead however, he can't give us bad news, we may not spend our money. So, as sheeple flock, the majority of people still give their hard earned dollars to the bailed out banksters by way of credit card interest and fees, finance their homes with the criminal lending cartels, and basically squawk their little complaints like chickens as they do absolutely nothing to turn the table. Now, to further spread their "truth", our federal government has teamed up with Walmart, the countries largest retailer, to promote their snitch program. Sheeple all across the nation can now be an active part of society and turn in anyone they feel is doing something wrong. Do you really think that Walmart, with probably the most advanced RFID inventory control system on the planet needs the DHS to protect them from petty shplifters? Think again. I have to hand it to the think tanks at the DHS, this is a stroke of true genius on their part. They have succesfully launched their "gestapo" marketing plan right in Americas heartland unbeknownst to well, Wallmart shoppers. I'm not sure that this is even constitutional, and frankly, we the people should be entirely outraged. Talk about terrorism, if you should happen to question the "truth" that you have been fed, and you are overheard by that leopard spandex clad patriot, there is a chance that you will be hearing a knock at your door at 3 or 4 in the morning?? This is truly frightening, yet equally well fitting as leopard spandex.

The November elections showed that we the people still have the power of change, but was it enough? Can we all go home now, back to business as usual? Not hardly, we have a long road ahead.

I have no billionaire sponsors, contract or writing staff, but like Mr. Beck I will challenge you America, I will challenge you to put up or shut up, bluntly, yes, join the revolution, do what is necessary to rip the $trings from the hands of the puppet masters, or you can rest assured that our freedom, our liberty, our very country will be nothing more than a page in the history books.

freeman lomax

Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air, forceful and clear, let the world listen, and truth never stop.

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