Tuesday, February 15, 2011

World Is Turning

"During the last three weeks, the political leadership of the United States, particularly the Executive, have appeared frequently on world-wide television to present statements regarding the obligation of Egypt's leaders to "address" the Grievances of the Egyptian People, respect the Natural Rights of Individuals and avoid violence.

These broadcasted claims by America's leaders, however, are nothing short of sheer hypocrisy when contrasted against the similar refusal by America's leaders to "Redress" the Grievances of the American People, repeatedly served via First Amendment Petitions for Redress, concerning gross violations of Rights guaranteed by our Constitution - (allegedly, still) the Law of the Land.

America's leaders during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations have refused to respond to the People's Petitions for Redress of Grievances, including those relating to: the application of the armed forces in hostilities overseas without congressional authorization; the cartel of private banks known as the Federal Reserve System; the fiat (paper) Federal Reserve currency and fractional banking practices; the imposition of direct, un-apportioned taxes on labor; the virtual evisceration of the Bill of Rights by the USA Patriot Act; the failure of the Executive to "faithfully execute" existing immigration laws; the giving and lending of public funds to private entities for definitively private purposes; the use of public funds to bail out foreign currencies without congressional appropriations; the eligibility requirements of the office of President; and the movement towards a North American Union." Bob Schulz Read the Petitions for Redress

I had been to a Tea Party rally prior to the 2010 elections. I was really disapointed as the turnout was quite low, especially for a rally at a state capitol, and the choice of speakers was lame to say the least. The rally gave off a very quaint middle class atmosphere with sort of a craft fair ambience and fad political merchandise was the norm. Nationwide however, they sccessfully influenced Republican party gains in the November elections, most of whom claimed to be Tea Party candidates even though the Tea Party's mantra is non-partisan. I respect the Tea Party Movement and it's concept and I'm with them all the way, but is this their Revolution? I know that in their hearts they are trying to do the right thing by remaining civil and by following the process, but I also know that they know that the name Tea Party in itself evokes a more aggressive sentiment than what they carefully project.

Segue to the Middle East. No flashy posters, no unique flags, no marketable celebrities to swoon the masses, cops with riot gear, the military, all the way down to civillian opposition on camelback weilding swords. The demands all basically the same as the retoric being spouted off at the rallies and on the social websites here in the US but to an equal degree as with the demonstrative differences, so were the magnitude of the results. The Middle East is realizing sweeping Government change, though good or bad would be in the eyes of the beholder, we can't dismiss the Revolutions that we are witnessing accross the globe and quite frankly, even without Obamas help they've made us look pretty weak. Do people here in America really believe that such measures are not necessary here? What degree of tyranny must we realize for this to take place? Most Americans want to believe that our system of government can be maintained with the electoral process in so far as dealing with elected officials, but that's not how it really is right now and a demand to uphold our "democracy" is going to have to come in the form of huge protests to likes of what we are seeing in the rest of the world. It can't be denied that the bank cartels and mega corporate interests are calling the shots and that our Executive branch of government is and has been for quite some time nothing more than their puppet.

We have sat on our hands long enough, it's is time to shut down the country, expel the Executive and his cabinet of czars and demand that our government honor the Constitution and the Peoples Petitions for Redress of Grievences.

freeman lomax
affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air, forceful and clear, let the world listen. and truth never stop

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