Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Think I Can...I Think I Can...!!!!!!!

Once again, voters are preparing to make another huge election mistake. People voted "against" Bush and we got Obama, for 2012 they are preparing to vote "against" Obama, and by looking at the options we have, who knows what tragedy we'll end up with. Huckabee, Gingritch or Romney......same good ol' boy establishment. Trump.....WTF, although he'd certainly be more entertaining than the rest......Bachmann, she's playing the Tea Party as good as Sarah, but look at her voting record, she's just like the rest of them, in campaign mode, painting a "now" picture that you will vote for. Sarah would be foolish to run, she couldn't win against Obama, but expect a Palin/Clinton super heavyweight title bought in 016. Ron Paul has some good ideas but I have one question, is he retarded? Something seems to be slightly off whenever I've seen him in "action". Finish a sentence Ron!!!

Where is our candidate???????? If we are going to take the "anyones better" attitude, I'd rather run myself. Find me a $$ backer, change my name and "trump" up some credentials, I don't think it matters if everyone knows that I did in fact inhale, so vote for me!!!
Freeman Lomax for President !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pro Constitution

Pro Life

Close the Borders, North and South

Term Limits for Congress

No Income Tax

End the FED

End Corporate Personhood

Anti Big Government

Anti UN

America First Foreign Policy

Fiscally Conservative / Socially Moderate

AND........I Am a Natural Born American Citizen with a Birth Certificate!!!!!!!

GAME ON!!!!!
freeman lomax

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