Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's extremely amazing how American sheeple are oblivious to their conditioning. Oblivious to the point that they actually call each other sheeple, it's amuzing but at the same time it's rather frightening to see the power that the puppet masters actually have. In fact they have found it quite easy and a greater benefit to keep them fighting amongst themselves than to try to guide them into civil unrest. However, they are stirring the pot around the globe and are achieving long awaited leadership changes. It's also giving them a built in training excercise should the homegrown hypnosis happen to wear off and the American people do actually stand together. This my friends, I am fairly certain will follow shortly after European gas prices hit the pumps.
So, the sheeple are kept to squabbling and bickering amongst each other over meaningless partisan values effortlessly stoked by the poor economy and high unemployment. In the fight over how to fix our plight, we are fed talk about cutting entitlement programs, by the way a total misnomer, you've paid for it. Suprisingly it's slowly gaining popularity, imagine, we'll cut our benefits yet we accept sending billions of dollars and our jobs overseas to people that hate us. The mention of austerity is also becoming fashionable as well, because here, only in America dontcha know, our life span has increased and most folks can actually live long enough to collect social security, really? Social security from the "real" experts point of view is in no trouble at all. The only threat is from what the pilfering government wants to take from it.
Few people ask; "Why would we help other countries and set the bar exponentially higher for our own countrymen?" We are being 'Programmed' to look down on each other, divided to the false belief that one ideal is more deserving than the other. 'Propagandised' into acceptance of the lies they feed us so they can 'Profit' on that acceptance to the realities they've 'Programmed' us to believe.(PPP) And here in the US, although we are probably some of the most intelligent of the hypnotized species, the media giants, through crafty ads, propaganda, and carefully selected actors are telling us how to live. And we do it! We do it and we actually think that we thought of it ourselves, scary.
Sheeple want to believe that our system of government will prevail through the vote, and it should, at least until the puppet masters are cornered as we had seen in Wisconsin, they simply shut down the process all together. Imagine, a Bill had been properly presented to the State Legislature to be voted on and the oposition bugged out to prevent the vote and turned it into the bargaining process that the law in question was designed to eliminate, out in the streets, WTF ??? If this is not proof that a force much more powerful than the people control the system, I don't know what is. People are elected to office under the constitution and of the constitutions of the many states, these actions were clearly a revolt against both and should be considered treasonous. The problem is that the sheeple have no idea what the constitution even is.
Who wins at all this? ........The banksters....... still.
So, what's the point of this endless babble? If you are one those "Born Again Americans" that think you've been awakened, but you buy into Glen Beck or Sarah Palin, or maybe you believe that Obama was the change this country needed to get back on track, if you believe that solice can be found in either supporting the Democrat or Republican parties, the fact of the matter is, you are still being duped. You need to read the Constitution of the United States. Twice if you have to, the understanding of this is imperative. You also need not to believe everything you hear and remember, the "sacred cows" are probably just as hypnotized as you are. More often than not there is a hidden agenda. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Once you've read the COTUS and your belief in the principles of our founding fathers has been revived, you'll be ready to move forward.
I know that you all see the corruption within our system, it flourishes on both sides of the aisle. It's so incredible to see so many "trustworthy" people talking out of the sides of their mouths it can make your head spin. They all say one thing and do another, distract us with the most popular issues while they strip away our liberties when we are not looking. And why??? Did you ever wonder why there are so many DC politicians, Senators and Congressmen, upper and lower cabinet members and the like that just seem to be in office forever? The answer is quite simple. It does not make sense to indoctrinate a newby every 2 years, so they PPP us to accept the same tired choices as long as they can. 2008 and 2009 saw a moment of potential disaster for the puppet masters and they quickly scrambled to gain control. The Palin "accident" proved to be one of their best mishaps and she quickly grabbed onto the reborn Patriots and some of the very powerful Tea Party folks. Try to see through the smoke. 2010 only bought us a little bit of time, but it also gave them more time. More time to work us over and get us back to sleep. We need true citizen leadership. We need to strip from our government the influence of the special interest groups including foreign countries. We can't do this with entrenched career politicians. We can't do this with popular media celebrities.
It must be done through citizen representation. How do we achieve this? We GO. GOOOH. We must all, and I mean everyone, get on board with the GOOOH movement. What do we have to loose that we haven't lost already? Skeptacle? has the answers to your questions.
freeman lomax

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