Friday, May 27, 2011

Who Are You?

Most of my friends are Tea Party Patriots. From the very beginning we have been labeled as "extreme", "racist", "fringe" and more, so we are kind of used to it. It still bothers some to hear the slurs, but most of us have gotten over it as the "opposition" has certainly displayed that they are in fact what they say we are. We have also seen many try to use the Tea Party name to gain popularity, mostly Republicans and even a few Democrats, from big name candidates down to relatively unknowns. This has hurt the movement, but more so it has hurt this nation and as Tea Party Patriots we cannot let it continue. The sheeple are dropping like flies.

Who are the Tea Party Patriots. First to understand, you must know your history and just what the Tea Party was in Boston in 1773. It wasn't about a political party, it wasn't liberal vs conservative, it was a revolt against tyranny. It was the pivotal event in the American Revolution, and it remains so today.

The formation of today's modern Tea Party movement was based on similar sentiments, it wasn't just anti-left or anti-right, in fact it was both, tyranny knows no side and as most people are aware, it is rampant on both sides. The left has been slow to come around because they are fueled by the disasterous 8 years of Bush. They are however beginning to see, because the system is simply perpetuating itself in same manner as it always has, but under the "leadership" of their chosen one. And the sheeple still drop like flies.

Main Stream Media has always been tough to compete with, big advertising dollars enable them to market just about anything to the consumerist society that the US has become. It starts with television hypnosis, and is followed up with print media sensationalism, then you are led around by your wallet until it has been emptied 5 years into the future. Today, independent media sources have been able to get a foot in the door and with the speed of todays communications they have the MSMers running a bit scared. So what is their defense to this potential problem, simple, buy up the competition and demonize those that refuse to sellout. And the sheeple drop like flies.

Enter the Republican Party, after learning that the Tea Party contingent was made up of people with strong conservative values, and that the movement had the potential of being a force to be reckoned with, they knew that they had better get inside while they could. Now they have infiltrated using the same marketing technique that has worked for politicians for centuries, simply tell the people what they want to hear. With anti establishment rhetoric and cries of revolution, a handful of establishment spokesmodels have herded the sheep into their corrals all around the country. A real Tea Party Candidate/Elected official would never vote yes on unconstitutional legislation, but the DC establishment cannot achieve it's agenda by adhering to the COTUS 100%, so the "indoctrinated" Tea Party infiltrators have been able to get Patriots to compromise on their values and accept these "little" infractions because they were told it for their best interests. Again the sheeple have dropped like flies.

If you are a Republican riding the Tea Party wave to defeat your Democrat nemesis, I say get off of it. If you are a Democrat that has disguised himself as a Republican to get that Tea Party support and ride the wave to office, to you I say get off of it. I don't say get off the Tea Party, I say get off your Republican or Democrat trains and be real. Real Americans, not just some agenda driven party faithful robot, but a true Tea Party Patriot. Support the Constitution of the united states of America, see, believe, and understand why the checks and balances are in place. Know that the rights that are proclaimed therein are not given to us by the government, but endowed upon us by the Creator and it is your duty as an elected official to protect those rights from a tyranical government or it will be up to us, the people, to remove and replace all of you.

If you are a civilian I ask "Who are you?" Are you the mind numbed, buy anything that glitters, keep up with the Jonses, koolaid drinking, child of technology slave to debt sheeple, or are you the hard working, morally righteous, God fearing, caring moms and dads, proud to be an American that carrys the spirit of the legacy of the Tea Party that touched off the shot heard around the world for freedom, liberty and justice for all, proclaiming for all the world that aspires to be, Don't Tread On Me!!?
"I really wnat to know,
tell me who T F are you?"
freeman lomax

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