Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OK, Obamas approval at an all time record low, 38%....(Bilderberg protoge)....Rick Perry's in the race (Bilderbeg protoge) Ron Paul (the only true Tea Party leader) being blacked out. Have they (Bilderberg king makers) lost faith in Obama or have they seen an opportunity to herd the fake Republican Tea Party trolls and continue their game plan with Perry or Palin (Bilderberg protoge too)? 85 million deposited in an El Salvadoran bank account by Barrack Obama (WTF, exit strategy?) The second economic crash is looming, this time, peoples life savings will be hit, the "have-nots" already becoming increasingly active and violent, main stream media ads promoting gold and silver, in IRA's, (bad choice, buy the real thing), does this indicate that the next false flag is looming? On a national scale? The prepping of the US for mass civil unrest has been in preparation for a number of years through the "militarisation of law enforcement to vast detention centers being built nationwide. Virtually every bill that has passed through congress carries bits and pieces of "homeland security" measures geared more toward US citizens than for any foreign invaders. Heads up Preppers and Patriots, stay vigilant.
freeman lomax

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