Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peaceful protest does serve the masses to call out the objectives of their grievances. OWS, you are hitting the target but your're still not in the bullseye. Keep up the good work and remember that freedom from debt servitude is the main objective. Communism and/or Socialism will never be the answer, for if you give in to their lies, this will be the last time you'll be able to speak as you are now.Our form of government is not at fault here, the blame is to be cast on people, both in the government for their corruption and on us, the population for allowing it to happen too damn long. We have to accept responsibility, and They must be held accountable. The constitution of this great nation gives us the power to prevent, and abolish anything that the people in government have in the past or in the present try to force down our throats that is not in our interests, we fell asleep. Our constitution guarantees freedom and liberty, it is our duty as people to see to it that it is never taken away. A revolution is at hand, our Re-Declaration of Independence from the same tyrannical psycopaths that we fought for our freedom 235 years ago is about to unfold once again. It is in our hands to show the world that we are the true pioneers of freedom, they are depending on us to do so. Set your sites on the peaceful steps to follow, but prepare youselves for the non-peaceful resistence from the corrupt slavers as they try to protect and perpetuate their crimes against humanity. Reject all un-necessary violence for it is your voices that you want to remain in the thoughts of the of the corrupt debt slavers.
First we must start with the financial system. Capitalism is not the enemy, it is the corrupt people in charge of it and the corrupt people in our government that are to blame, but in order to fix it, we first have to take back control of OUR money.
Second, I will call upon all of you to know our Constitution and and to continue to seekout the truth...use the web, ignore main stream media, they are the propaganda tool for specific agendas, none of them yours.
Third we will focus on the them all won't matter who is voted in as long as they are not incumbent. From there we'll work on the "right" (as apposed to wrong) candidates for the next election cycle.
Fourth, throughout it all you must prepare. For step one to work in your favor you must have your finances in order. Do you own gold or silver.....?....get some, if the dollar falls and a new currency emerges these are the only things that will get you in. Food, Water, Shelter, Fire, and Self Defense should always be your priorities.
Be vigilant....keep up the good fight.
  There is a deep divide among the people, yet we mostly agree on the majority of issues. There is the fear of change holding most people back from doing what is urgently necessary.The time is now to NOT paint yourself either "left" or "right", "republican" or "democrat"....these terms are now meaningless. Remember, this is America, do not let yourselves fall to the trappings of communism and socialism. Know that we have been tricked into fascism which is the precursor to the demise of your republic and your freedom. It's time to paint yourselves as true Americans, united for freedom and the success of this great nation. The whole world depends on us to pave the way to liberty, the world depends on us to break free from the chains of the slaving elite banksters, the community crushing mega corporations and the power hungry globalist politicians with their endless wars. It does not matter from what economic level you come from, all will play an important part. The path to our success will be outlined in the posts to follow.

Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air, forceful and clear, let the whole world listen, and truth never stop.
Freeman Lomax.

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