Friday, November 18, 2011

...As Patriots, everything that we are opposed to is in play at this very moment, let the truth be known. As our rights began to be stripped away over the recent decades, the speed of which has been ever increasing with the mechanical fluidity of a high speed train, the elite controlled main stream media has hit the internet super highways and and it's working. MSMZombies spread the propaganda through social networking sites and are actually believing what they were told. Freedom of speech is falling prey to the police state that has been growing nationwide. The constitution of the united states is being ignored by our government and the people. A corporate model is being illegally used in its place and it has miserably failed leaving the only option but to enslave the populations to debt.

This is not the liberty we talk about. Not convinced?

Well then, take the Tea Party in 2007 for example, *"Republican Candidate Ron Paul, its inventor, used it as a springboard to highlight libertarian and constitutional issues during his 2008 campaign. Soon after, it was co-opted by key political and media influencers from the US right wing, associating itself less with a libertarian manifesto and more with emerging figures within the Republican establishment. Now it has morphed into nothing more than a block of voters whom the Republican party can rely to strike a deal with during an election cycle."

OK sheeple, I know y'all aren't going to like this, this my friends is that "hard pill to swallow." As you are all focused on getting Obama out of office, you have fallen right back into the mass produced hypnosis that you claim to have escaped just a short time ago. Remember, it's what the system has become that we are after, and the players are only hand picked to further the agendas and wealth of a select few. Has anyone seen any "hand-picking" going on here as the candidates flounder and flop about like children the night before Christmas?

Romney?....remember Romney care folks? Cain? ....not just pizza...he's a Federal Reserve shill...eyes wide shut? Perry?....wasn't he a Democrat? Gingrich?...Really? He makes Cain look like a choir boy....and he's pals with Pelosi..oh and Freddie Mac!!!!! Bachman? about co-opting the Tea Party, look at her voting record in congress people!!! Santorum and Huntsman...ho-hum. You say anybody is better than Obama? That's like saying Venezuela is better than Cuba, c'mon maaan!!! (ladies too). Electability? Don't you mean "Marketabilty".? That means "what we can SELL you".

There is only one candidate that truly has Americas best interests in mind and that is Ron Paul, and the globalists know it! Look how they black him out, or did you think that the MSM is lookin' out for ya...ha! Not only have they painted him as a crazy old coot, they have also told you why the other LOSERS are good for you, and you have taken the bait hook line and sinker. I have watched a multitude of people change who they are supporting like they change their underwear, all exactly in sync with the current propaganda fed to them by the MSM. Hilarious may it be, but it is also extremely scary to watch how easily played the general public actually is. And the public actually believes that they are either a Republican or a Democrat. Hey!! What's wrong with being an American????? If you were elected president as a Republican, do you only represent Republicans, or do you represent the entire country? When our soldiers give their lives, is it not for America in its entirety? Hasn't history shown us that the false Left/Right paradigm, regardless which side is in power, equally fleece the people for their own personal gain? Why would you trust either?

When election day rolls around, your choice should really be the one who they are telling you NOT to vote for. Wake up already.

by Patrick Henningsen Global Research, November 17, 2011 The Guardian - 2011-11-16
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