Thursday, November 3, 2011


The following are a couple entries from an e-mail thread between myself and some of the most vigilant Patriots I know.
   L;All those groups that K's site listed and more are represented at OWS
and they have turned it into a cluster fuck. Remember who and what the
media is and what their jobs are, to tell everyone what they want you to
believe. The left wingers try to praise them in concert with the listed
supporters, and the right wants to rip them because of the listed
supporters. As you all know it is real hard to gather more than a thousand
or two people in one spot and that the more people that there are present,
the bigger impact the event has, even the Tea Party rally in Madison with
Sarah Palin speaking only attracted a couple thousand. So, that being said,
all the fringe groups send a couple of bus loads of there own people to make
the crowd bigger and voi-la, they have a huge "crowd" to spread their own un
related message, multiply that by 20 more groups and bammo!! It's huge!!
Because of all this, the OWS movment has hit a brick wall and is taking on
a mind of it's own. When Ron Paul supporters tried to take advantage of the
mass of people, they were accused of being commies too. Even a group of
white supremacists were in Tx or AZ trying to clean up there image as
"Patriotic Constitutional Militiamen" which they may very well be. It's a joke to see all the
asswipes. The point...look at all this, there is a common
thread....EVERYONE is on to the banks and the government......and like I've said all
along, we need a leader, a true leader like a George Washington or Thomas
Jefferson....but they have yet to surface. We are at an interesting
crossroads, it's too early for bullets....and it's too late for the,continue prepping, gain usable knowledge from the
web.....hey, I learned how to put back together a broken vein or artery on
the internet, hope I never have to use that one. Gold and silver and lead,your
precious metals.....all your supplies, be a stockin' up, when asked what
I want for christmas, I tell 'em "toilet paper, a case of water, and maybe
some chocolate." LOL The OWS "tourists" (the cling-on fringe groups) are dangerous, so keep an eye on it. Some little things we can do to help the REAL cause; move your finances to a
credit union, avoid interest payments (CEO bonus money) on Sat Nov 5th,
remove your money from the bank, hold it til Monday and put it back, anyone
in the position of having a mortgage, auto loans etc....move them to your
local credit union if you have them in a too big to fail bank. Stay ready....and never lose the faith..

My Brothers' Response;
Extremely well said L. The OWS group is being usurped the same way the Tea Party has been usurped. The long and short of it is they (the powers that be) cannot afford for the "True" Tea Party folks and the "True" OWS folks to realize how similar their beefs with the system are. . .

Imagine . . .What would happen if everyone that was pissed off about what is going on in this country realized that they were all mad about the same things? What if the righteous indignation of the Tea Party was amped up by the youth and energy and determination of the OWS movement? I GUARANTEE you that the TRUE powers that be do not want that to happen. So they tell the Tea Party folks that the OWS group is a bunch of dirty Fucking Hippies, Socialists and paid welfare recipients and then produce countless photos and blogs to support that claim, then they tell the OWS group that Tea Party folks are Far Right Wing, Religious Nuts who would love to cut their school benefits, get rid of all subsidies, stand on the head of all the minorities and then they produce countless numbers of Rednecks and dough heads to support those claims . . . So they effectively create the illusion that we have two diametrically opposed view points that cannot possibly be reconciled.

Divide and Conquer, at it's best.

People need to WAKE THE FUCK UP and see who is behind the curtain, and then DO SOMETHING about it ! Before it is too late, and Brother, it's getting damn late . . .

freeman lomax

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