Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Horror of War

On September eleventh, 2001,Americans saw first hand the horror of war. The actions of a handful of international political dissadents changed the lives of Americans and the world for generations to come. We lost over 3,000 of our countrymen as innocent victims of an act of terror. Since that day and over the past ten plus years, we Americans have taken it upon ourselves to show the world just exactly what it felt like, 100 fold. Bombing populated areas in two countries, taking hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian lives, painting the coming generations a picture of pain and destruction unlike anyone has ever seen, and for what? A handful of international political dissadents? We were not attacked by these host countries or their people, but they can rightfully claim that fact against us. No-one here even realizes what they've done, in fact most Americans defend the wars as just retribution for the attack on the twin towers by a handful of international political dissadents. We now have little choice but to continue beating down the populations of this world or they too will want to one day seek retribution. The idea of the golden rule was "booed" on national television by Christian Americans, and it was certainly overlooked in the sense that one day it will be applied to them. Today the drums of war are beginning to sound once more as our soldiers begin to return from Iraq. This time, we are not going to exact revenge for something, we are merely going to attack an idea. An idea that Iran has for their own self defense against ambitious people like us. We are on the verge of killing thousands more innocent civilians and generations of hope based on an idea and rumors. Have we now become the new conquereors of rightousness destined to lead the destroyed new world through the next century? All because of a handful of international political dissadents? You can see the plan unfold right here at home as it has already been in the trial stages for decades. We are told how to live, we are told how to vote, we are monitored so that if we step out of line we can be re-educated. We have been drinking the flouridated kool-aid and eating the products of manufactured seeds across 3 or 4 generations. We breath tainted air and believe the broadcast lies. We have even been fooled to believe we are free, yet to debt we dedicate the majority of our time. Many of us believe we are part of an elite race of man, but the term "American Exceptionalism" is only the sweet morphine of the enslaved. People are being murdered all over the world in our name and the "exceptional" few believe that it's for the greater good. This, all because of a handful of political dissadents? I myself, as a Christian and an American Patriot, do not support military adventurism. I do not believe that as a nation or that as people of God it is ever necessary to strike down a fellow human being for an idea, even if their idea is wrong. There are many like me. We view these actions as crimes. We view experimenting in world governence by our elected officials as treason as it is contrary to the design of our constitution, our homeland. We view the theft of our liberties through the enactment of laws that we did not ask for as an act of war. We know who you are because throughout history we have met many times before.
You should have known we'd be ready.
You should not have forgotten that we will triumph.

freeman lomax III

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  1. There are many view points about what happened on 911 but the point the writer made is clear. That more of us feel we must be careful what we say, who we say it to and how will what we say be taken is a clear indication we feel we do not really have freedom of speech. And why? Because as the writer said, someone else did something we had no control over. Now we, the people of The United States find we can be picked up without a warrant and detained without rights. We the people of the United States retain all our rights and they cannot be infringed. It is our constitution and our responsibility to assure we retain the rights within it. As we practice our freedom we renew our declaration of independence from tyranny and we defend, protect and preserve the Constitution of The United States of America. Remember, it is not paranoia to respond with objection to attempts to limit your liberty, it is your human spirit saying, never again. Thank you Freeman Lomax for doing what you have the right to do, speak freely.



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