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It is extremely obvious that the political system is rigged. News flash, right? We can all assume that Romney will get the nod for the GOP. Besides the media telling us, all you have to do is look at the endorsements and the financial contributors to his campaign. These people just plain do not lose, simple as that. The electorate majority, (the people) most of which are under the MSM hypnosis, are predictably falling right into step with the desired (elite) outcome.
The "anyone but Obama" crowd are probably the deepest of sleepers, "living the dream" as they say. More like "living in a dream"? They will elect Romney while everyone else knows that the only difference between him and Obama is the name of the Political party. In fact,both of them are likely constitutionally ineligible to even hold the office, proof  that the take over of our country is being orchestrated by a power that thinks it's above the Constitution and certainly much higher than that of any one president .

You have to know that they fear the people. They fear us because without us, the banks cannot survive. Without the banks, down goes the meglasauras military industrial complex. Without the MIC down goes the ability to enslave the world to those banks. Ask yourself why our police forces are militarizing themselves here in the US? 450,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber bullets for the DHS? What if the good ole 'we the people' finally woke up and demanded financial reform? Demanded to End The FED? Are they going to allow us to do that?

While the main focus is on the "big dance", the elections that everyone should be worried about are those for the senate and the house. If one was awake and conciously knew just how the system is supposed to work, they would know that the president only has signing power and that it is the people, through their representitives, are who actually effect change. That would mean actually getting involved, but the "pursuit of happiness" always seems to take precedence, until of course it's compromised. Even then only a small portion of the populus jumps into the game.

"Sheep have only two speeds; grazing and stampede."

Don't be fooled....Scott Brown, remember him? You also have some other "Tea Party" favorites like Rubio and West.....definitely refreshing Obama adversaries, but did anyone happen to notice that they both voted for extending the "Cancel the 4th Amendment Act" (Patriot Act) and the NDAA (Martial Law Act)? The "Strip You of Your Citizenship Act"? Anyone that resembles Lindsey Graham and John McCain in their ideology is NOT a Tea Party candidate people.
War is a BIG no-no, especially unconstitutional acts of aggression! I will leave my political preferences out of this piece as people tend to make judgements based on propaganda rather than fact, but isn't it time that we fix this?

I know that the prospect of your children and grandchildren getting stuck with this debt upsets all of you, what are you doing about it? Thinking of electing Romney? Really? You need to do better. Knowing that you are about to compromise your principles by voting for what you perceive to be the lesser of two evils, what will be your explanation for that to your children in the future. Will you humble yourself and categorically nullify eveything that you've raised them to believe? All the values and morals you really cherish? How will you explain your hypocracy? I suppose it would be easier to just stick to you principles, even if it means losing, and this won't be an issue, right? Or have you too come to believe the PC concept that there are no winners or losers, that we don't keep score to spare the harsh reality of failure?
Let's talk about failure. The people of the US have failed to epic proportions over the last one hundred years. We have allowed the federal government to grow to unprecedented size and power in complete and total disregard to the Constitution of the United States. Every 2 years, the voices rise to proclaim patriotism as elections are on us, however in the interim we have sat and done absolutely nothing. Do we think that with a simple choice, a vote, every two years that we are doing our duty as Americans. Maybe most Americans think that is all the power that they have. Their vote? How can a "vote" have any power if you're not paying attention. If you have not studied the Constitution to the point that you are an expert, you can't possibly have a valid opinion or thought to base your vote upon, it's meaningless, and it's potentially dangerous! The politicians know this and they use this to their advantage. Get studying!!

Federal Reserve Act; The constitution makes no provision for Congrss to 'delegate' the power to coin money, in fact, the founders intent was to NOT relinquish the authority over money to a central banking system.

The 16th Amendment; The "federal" income tax is a direct tax, as stated in the constitution, a direct tax must be aportioned amongst the people, this amendment cancels that out.

The Homeland security Act; The so-called Homeland Security bill is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever put forth by any administration. As Phyllis Schlafly correctly states, "If passed, it will mean a giant increase in Big Government without any effect on the front lines of our security, the FBI and CIA, and little effect on the INS and the visa-issuing section of the State Department." The NSHS also recommends a plan for "military support to civil authorities." The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was passed to protect Americans against a President-any President-who would use the nation's military to enforce the law against civilians. The 484-page Act prescribed the biggest change in the federal government in over 50 years. Its passage, on November 25, 2002, consolidated more than 20 existing federal agencies into a single Homeland Security Department, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Customs Service, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Not since President Truman created the Department of Defense in 1947 has the federal government undergone such dramatic restructuring. The Total Information Awareness Office has been the most controversial of the Act's provisions. A Pentagon (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA) project legalized by the Homeland Security Act, TIA was given a startup budget of $200 million, and a mandate to achieve a state of "Total Information Awareness." One area of interest regarding the HSA is the question of its origins. The American people were told that the Act was a direct result of September 11. However, it's widely known that the Hart-Rudman Commission, (officially the "US Commission on National Security for the 21st Century"), created under Clinton in 1998, actually authored the blueprint for what became the HSA, and published it in a report called the "Road Map for National Security: Imperative For Change."
The Hart-Rudman report called for the inception of a new, independent "National Homeland Security Agency," which would integrate various US Government agencies, including FEMA, the Coast Guard, the Customs Service, and Border Patrol.
Of the 14 members of the Hart-Rudman Commission, nine were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR roster has included, over the years, almost every CIA director since Allen Dulles, as well as most of the "neo-conservatives" who populate the Bush Administration, including Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Robert Zoellich, George Tenet and Paul Wolfowitz. (wikipedia)
The US Patriot Act; This effectively cancels the fourth ammendment, Most Americans are unaware that the hurriedly passed USA Patriot Act permits the federal government to ignore the protections of the Fourth Amendment and conduct surveillance without court-issued search warrants. This most fundamental protection no longer exists. Given the liberal philosophy promulgated to generations that have passed through our schools since the 1960s, few are likely to object. Most certainly, the members of Congress who passed the Act did not. (wikipedia)

MSEHPA; Even the issue of your personal health is no longer yours to determine. Throughout this year, state legislatures were asked by the Bush administration to enact the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) that would authorize state officials to forcibly inject anyone with a drug, vaccine, or other treatment. If you refused, health officials would be authorized to remove you and your family from your home and have you quarantined. It would grant authority to seize and destroy your property without compensation. It would permit the rationing of medical supplies, food, and fuel in a declared public health emergency. Most states refused to pass the most egregious elements of MSEHHPA or even vote on the proposed legislation. What is more fundamental to your personal freedom than the right to determine what medical treatment you will accept? (wikipedia)


NDAA- Indefinite detention of American Citizens

Enemy Expatriation Act

These are just a handful of the thefts of our liberties we have allowed to be executed by our elected government over the last 100 years. From their "sterile" environment in DC, they have programmed the public to think that the government is supposed to take 'care' of us. That they are the supreme authorities to knowing what is 'best' for us. Maybe from a 'tactical' standpoint of an empire building nation, what they've done has served that agenda, but is that what we were intended to be? A nation of 'conquest'? Plant a flag for the king? On the contrary, our founders declared our independence from that way of life, and today we appear to be welcoming it back with open arms.
I personally have been shouting this message out since the vietnam war and over the internet for about a decade. I know that at a minimum, 1000 people have seen or heard my 'soap box' oratories. I know that this 1000 people too have voiced this message to at least 1000 more and so on. If this chain continues, maybe we can wake a few folks up to the attrocities being done by our government on a daily basis. I do appologize for slapping those folks relentlessly in the face with the truth but until I can see results, actions to repel this 'soft' takeover of our nation, I wll continue to do so as it is my patriotic duty.
For those of you armed only with your vote, I plead with you to educate yourselves in A) The Constitution of the United States, B) The voting records of your current Representative in congress and your Senators.and finally, C) Turn off the TV!!!!!!!!! Main stream media is pure propaganda, with the exceptions of local current events and weather, the rest is trash. FOX, CNN, CSNBC and the rest of the alphabet soup gang. Have you ever heard anyone say; "You can't always believe what you read in the paper"? There is a reason they said that.
Search the internet, just about every question you have can be answered by google. Always look at the source of the info, read many answers and sort through the BS, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to find. Remember that above all, if does not fall under the Constitution, the government can't do it. Then and only then will you be truly armed and ready to cast a vote with teeth.
OK, if you all start from the beginning, the Constitution, go one section at a time, identify all the violations pertaining to that section, then move on to the next one, make your "to do list" and hold your potential candidates accountable to the list. Getting friends, family and neighbors following the same, get together after each section and compare lists, and work together, that's all.
It's great to boast and bloviate over your toys during a backyard barbeque, but try talking about how you think your kids are going to pay down the national debt. Cold beer and good food will still be good, but when it's all said and done, you may just have accomplished something if you change the conversation.

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