Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Never Settle

     The vast majority of the voting public supporting Mitt Romney are people that equate success and the American Dream with wealth. They slickly promote the mantra of 'he who dies with the most stuff wins', all the while the super corporations profit on your silliness. And though you claim to be against the big bail-outs and big government over spending, you owe most of your nest egg to Wall st and the Big Banks' gains from perpetual debt. Whether it be in the form of real estate, individual investments or a 401k plan investments, so if the Financial Giants were to fail, so would John Q Republican.

     Through debt and speculation on debt, the too big to fail gain wealth at alarming rates. They know they can't lose. Should a population cell resist, they can either start a war or an economic recession/depression, and then with puppet governments they'll create laws that will favor their objective or they will simply print more money and will be bailed out on the backs of our labor. This is one of the reasons the real Tea Party Patriot movement no longer exists, they bailed when they figured out they stood more to lose. Now they have no choice but to be just another bloc of republican voters. This is exactly the form of slavery that the elite want as they shape the New World Order.

     Those that support Obama are actually in the same boat, only the Democrat (Progressive) party fool them into thinking American Dream is no more than an episode from Fantasy Island and that the government is supposed to be their Mr. Roarke. They do this through class warfare propaganda, false hope promises, and corrupt organizations such as social programs, race and 'civil rights advocates, and labor unions that falsely claim that if you hand over your hard earned money, they will work for you to get you your fair share, a fantasy. If the financial giants fail, so does John Q Union Worker, Jane Q Feminist, Mr & Mrs Q Minority as their benefits too are tied up in, you guessed it, Wall St and the Big Banks.

    Ironically they also claim to be the party of peace and hope, yet they too rely on the military industrial complex to rob a county's resources and create slave states around the world to facilitate debt, but you are fooled to think that it's for a cause, a rescue of unfortunate oppressed populations who simply now become slaves to a new master, the banks.

     The financial giants didn't want to see our country reduce its debt because that's how they profit, but as the big corporations began to close up shop and offshore their operations creating a disparity in our debt to income ratio, it threatened our ability to repay that debt. So now what? Enter the military industrial complex who with it's controll over our puppet government are eager to guarantee more slaves to this system of debt to offset this disparity by bombing and rebuilding second and third world "emerging nations" with their usual promises. But buyer beware.

     Take Libya for example. Libya was on the verge of leaving the IMF slave machine and was forming the North African Union. They would have succeeded too. They have oil and money to get started and were only months away from real independence, then whammo.  Can't do that! Big surprise that a Democratic administration initiated this one right? Well only days into the 'fight', McCain and Graham were in Libya setting up shop. Oh, and under their wing was none other than "Tea Party" sweatheart Marco Rubio, a fitting indoctrination to the machine don't ya think. So tell me, what's the difference between the left and the right? It's a sham people.

     Those Patriots supporting Dr Paul know that the Left Right Paradigm is false. They know there can be no freedom if this machine continues to function. They are willing to take a financial hit and make the necessary sacrifices to preserve this nation and they will continue to fight until they succeed. The financial giants also know this and they're trying to tell all the rest of you from time to time. Just look at all the new laws they have recently passed just for oath to the Constitution keeping American Patriots. Their propaganda arm has all but "disapeared" him. And though these laws effect you all as well, you sit by and let it happen like the Constitution is no big deal. The establishment fears these Patriots because when they succeed it will mean and end to their corrupt control of the worlds' finances and all the blood money that coagulates in each and every one of your nest eggs.

     I ask you all, Republican and Democrat, to find the cost of freedom. It's not free you know. Ask yourself is the American Dream really just monetary wealth? No matter how you get it? Is the American Dream a free ride on the back of tax dollars? Or is the true "wealth" of the American Dream really found within each individual, regardless of economic status, found within our spirits as we pursue our own forms of happiness, through work and vigilance, community and acceptance,  The strength to settle for nothing less than principles based on what is for the good of everyone, not just a chosen few, and the ability to look each other in the eye and know that we are free.

Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air,forceful and clear, let the world listen and truth never stop.
With liberty,
freeman lomax III

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