Friday, June 1, 2012

COTUS ......The Only Hope

The Constitution of the United States
The supreme law of the United States of America.......or is it?

     We have seen over the last 9 or 10 decades as our elected officials have willfully circumvented the COTUS with complex legislation, vague legalese interpretations and by Presidential Executive Orders. More recently, during the past 2 decades, we've seen a bull's rush to literally destroy it. What is it in this, the greatest governing document in history, that terrifies our elected government officials? It would appear that, as simple as it is, that it would be just easier to follow it. This leads me to believe with conviction that there are outside forces orchestrating it's destruction and that our elected government is willingly doing their bidding. If you do not believe that there does indeed exist a well laid plan to collapse the American economy and our way of life, you are in a media induced coma. Seriously. Who can they be? Why do they want to do this? Do you really believe that out of nowhere and with limited access to the worlds news, that robed men and veiled women on the other side of the globe really care what we do or how we live? And that Osama Bin Rubble devised a complex attack on US civilians from a cave in Pango Pango? What, by carrier pigeon, or maybe Camel Express?

     The COTUS clearly written to limit the power of the government. It does so through a seperation of powers designed to act as a checks and balance system. It specifically states what the federal government has the power to do. The powers not given to the federal government are given to the States and to the People. For example; "Only Congress shall have the power to declare war". The last time that this occurred was in 1941 for WWII, which ended in 1945. Excuse me? Haven't we like been at war almost continuously since the 1960's? Typically called a "military conflict" and entered into on orders of the POTUS, or so they say. What would influence our President to violate the COTUS and put our soldiers in harms way? What could be so urgent that waiting for congressional approval is bypassed? Sounds like rule by Dictator to me.

     This scenario begs the question of the Article II which states that a President be a Natural Born Citizen. Our founding fathers were not naive, they understood that a president with divided loyalties could pose a serious security risk for our country. Our current POTUS, by definition (see Vattel's Law of Nations) is not a Natural Born Citizen and has put forth un-explainable effort to cover up his past. He has presented as fact a birth certificate that is an obvious fake. Everyone, from our elected officials in both houses who simply shrugg it off as nonsense, to the news media who demonizes anyone that mentions it all have aided in the what could possibly be the greatest scam, bordering on treason in the history of our nation.

     Another one of the powers given to the federal government is the coining of money, again specifically to Congress. Let's go back to 1913 and the infamous implementation of the Federal Reserve. First off, it is important to know that the Fed is a private bank. Just with the name itself that was chosen should be sufficient evidence to raise questions. What were they trying to disguise? It is obvious that it was named this to make it appear to be our "government" bank. They feared that the people would not accept a private bank over-seeing the country's money supply, and a central bank as such, a private entity, is illegal under the COTUS. Our founders warned time and again against the evils of a central bank. The implementation of the Fed also marked the beginning of our elected administrations' blatant and shady interpretations of constitutional law. With the implementation of the Fed also came the start of income tax and a national debt. For the record, there is no Reserve, just debt. 

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." Thomas Jefferson

     The COTUS also contains a "Bill of Rights". These are the rights of the people. It does not 'give' us these rights, it merely states them as well as the fact that these rights are "endowed" upon us by the 'Creator' thus can never be taken away. Let's look at some of the peoples rights that have been stolen. Since the attacks of 9/11 we have seen quite a few either disapear or be compromised. Your right to privacy has been attacked from many angles. From covert wiretapping to invasive airport searches. All specifically designed to prevent terrorism? Really? A 65 year old woman traveling with her family, destination Disney does not look too scary to me, nor does a 6 year old girl. So why do we search them? It's all about conditioning. Why don't we profile people for this? Especially foreigners, right? I have traveled internationally and I get searched and poked more when I'm leaving the states than I do for the return flight. Does this make sense? Why are we being PC for terrorists?

     This leads to the question of the 'indefinite detention' of american citizens provided for in the NDAA. Are we included in this because we don't want to insult immigrants? And what is the "Enemy Expatriation Act" about? Can I be deported to Sicily, Poland, Germany or Ireland? Recently the DHS released an extensive list of "key words" that the government internet spies will look for to determine who they should be watching. What happened to free speech? The right to privacy? A Bill is making it's way to re-legalize the use of propaganda in the US. Winning 'hearts and minds"? Invade the privacy, limit the speech, condition the masses to illegal search and seizure, and then tell us everything is ok? Internment camps are ready all around the country and training for 're-education' is in place for those of us that do not want to give up our freedom.
    A short re-cap;
*Invading upon our civil liberties with the Patriot Act
... *Supporting indefinite detention without a trial with the NDAA
*Spying without warrants on American citizens, Homeland Security Act
*Waging unconstitutional wars by executive order under false pretenses circumventing congress

So, what exactly is the plan?
The plan is for a One World Currency. The Banksters cannot continue the massive theft with so many different currencies, and because of the accounting nightmare, it's easy for even the average 'Joe' to smell the books cooking. Not only do they want only one currency, they want it to be 'their' currency. We have seen what happens when a country does not want to follow this plan. Iraq and Libya are good examples. Iran is another one. Iran is important to them because of it's strategic location and abundant resources. If they should obtain a nuke, they just might be able to defend themselves against the Army of the United Global Banksters. This is why you hear talk of attacking Iran in the news, only you're told a different story. China and India also present unique problems. With highly populated nuclear countries, the US and it's Bankster buddies have simply 'integrated' them into the club rather than fight them. Control of the Currency gives them total control of the global market. Food, Medicine, Resources, Infrastructure and Government which ultimately leads to the whole of the wealth and the "enslavement" of the worlds people to their system of debt and servitude.

       So what does this have to do with the COTUS. The US of A and the COTUS are the stumbling blocks to their goal. Not only are they the primary target, their demise is the most important part of the operation. Once 'Freedom" (The Bill of Rights) is abolished and the US is disarmed (2nd Amendment), the establishment of a world government can be put into place. A One World Government is necessary to a One World Currency. When this happens, the probability of civil unrest is high. The current people in power know that the American people will never accept this without a fight. Resistors (American Citizens) will be detained under the "new rule" and either be re-educated or exterminated. Going forward, populations will be regulated and controlled. This is why it is so important that we never allow this to happen. If you are really engaged and you truly want to make a difference, you must read and understand the COTUS and prepare yourself to defend it at all costs.

     How will this all be achieved? To acheive this One World Currency, the dollar needs to collapse and be 'replaced'. An event of this magnitude has to take plce as our spirits must be broken in order for them to succeed. Then, by winning "hearts and minds" with the works of propaganda and conditioning, a great majority will be ready to comply for a loaf of bread and a blanket. Next they'll sweep away the Bill of Rights, most of which has already begun to happen. The second ammendment needs to fall shortly thereafter opening the door for the government to have their way on a defenseless population. Already there are mechanisms for this in place. The COTUS will come up for negotion, re-interpretations, and outright cancelation. The people will have become powerless to take the proper stance to evict the perpetrators for they lack the financial might to overcome the armies of the traitorous mercenaries employed by these tyrants.

     Still not convinced that something BIG is in the works? The DHS has an order for 450 million .40 cal. 9mm hollow point rounds as well as millions more of various other calibers. Some of you may not know your ammo, but .40 calibur is not a military round, in fact under the rules of the Geneva Convention, hollow points are illegal for use in war. Even if they were, why would the DHS need them? They're not the military. Again, 450 million rounds, think about that. Wasn't it only about a handful of political dissidents that supposedly attacked us in the first place? Our military uses less than 100,000 rounds of bullets each year in afghanistan, again, why would they need this?

     Violent crime is at a 30 year low nationwide, in addition to the DHS gearing up, law enforcement is spending $100 million a year on new toys as well. Drones deployed in US skies, every interstate equipped with high tech electronics, internet spy centers, and a surveilance camera everywhere you look in every major city. Don't take my word for it, just google it. The info is being 'leaked' by whistle blowers that are coming forward faster than they can be disappeared. The concensus is that our military won't fire upon US citizens, and rightfully so. So while they're kept occupied overseas, a private army is being built here at home to help the UN troops contain all the pissed off Patriots.  
      This all sounds like total doomsday, the fall of an empire, TEOTWAWKI, well frankly, it is. There is hope. It is the COTUS, it's the only hope. You see the beauty of it is that We The People have the all of the power. Besides out numbering these tyrants 350 million to a few thousand, we have the most powerful document in the world to back us up. This is why it is imperative that each and every American know it backwards and forwards, through and through. It also will help for y'all to grow a pair as well, but the fact of the matter is, it is the COTUS that makes us American. Do you not want to be American anymore? Stop falling for the trappings of the Main Stream Media, learn to think for yourself. Always hope for the best but by God you have got to prepare for the worst. Freedom is not free, it requires a little hard work. There will always be someone who wants to steal it from you at many different levels so be ready to put up a fight for what is rightfully yours!!!!!!
freeman lomax III
Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air forceful and clear, let the world listen and truth never stop

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