Friday, June 8, 2012

Fair Market Tea; the Global Party

         Senator Marco Rubio adressed the Council on Foreign Relations in New York just ahead of the Bilderberg Meeting in Virginia. During his introduction it was pointed out that he was elected on the wave of the Tea Party push of 2010, a statement which drew a laugh from the crowd. By Rubio's casual smirk it was clear that the neo-con globalists knowingly played the Tea Party like a fiddle. The discussion continued on and they adressed the Syrian issue. Rubio stated in true globalist fashion how our government needed to oust Assad for the United State's best interests. They talked as if it were up to us, the United States and it's people, to decide who should lead their country, actually, all countries. Who do these people think they are? The conversation went on to discuss "cost benefit analysis" as if a country of people and the entire world were no more than a financial oportunity for the United States. WTF? This is ludicrous. You must now know that when you hear politicians talking about "national interest" my friends, they really mean the banks. The fact is you and I, 'we' are the definition of 'national', so what interest do you and I have in Syria? Is there a some sort of "Foreign Conquest" profit sharing program that I wasn't told about? When you hear the MSM talking about the Tea Party they are refering to the Neo-Con New Republican voters block that was craftily hijacked by the corporatist warmongers.
      We use the term 'Banksters' and "Globalists" rather loosely and it may seem somewhat vague. Just who makes up this aristocracy behind the action of the financial elite? Most folks know that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are nestled up at the top of the food chain, but it takes more than just 2 families to run a world. Some folks may have heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Illuminati, the Free Masons, Club of Rome, etc. But the creme de la creme of the control freaks is the Bilderberg Group. This highly secretive organization meets in secret once a year to discuss the globalist agenda. The group is made up of high ranking bank officials, royalty, ex-high ranking government officials, and technocrats. Surprise secret appearances are made by US and world political hopefuls. This group is rumored to be that which selects US presidents and other world and financial leaders. All of this is highly illegal and in violation of the Logan Act. The Logan Act is a United States Federal law that prohibits any unauthorized American citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. The official list of Bilberberg shows the controversial planning angles taking place, they leave no stone unturned. The activities of these folks are what Patriots really need to be watching.

      The IMF, or International Monetary Fund, is based in Washington DC as is the World Bank.. It's 188 members are the 188 members of the UN, plus Kosovo. These banks are the tools of the Globalists, their function is to oversee the economies and financial business of countries around the world. They are entirely politically motivated and profit oriented, their politics being the Bilderberg Group. They are always more than willing to secure large loans for nations from the big banking players around the world like the World Bank for example. The World Bank is the international arm of the Federal Reserve. Recent countries to leave the IMF are Cuba and China. Libya was about to and so is Iran. Emerging nations recognize the "cost benefit" of ditching the dollar by not doing business with the IMF parasite World Bank. Here comes that "national interest", the World Bank understands that they can't afford to lose any business because the profits gained are what prop up the FED and ultimately the dollar. So when confronted with the possibility of losing a customer, they call on the CIA, the Mossad, and the MI6, their favorite persuasion experts within the military industrial complex for assistance. While you watch the turmoil around the world and you hear our politicians talking about 'regime change' and the main stream media beating the drums of war, you can bet your bottom dollar (literally) that there is a banking issue being resolved.
     These are the very same banksters that staged the coup in Iran in the 50's and ran through the 70's until the people deposed the Shah. Russia made their attempt to get in between in Afghanistan where with the CIA and their invented Jihad group the Al-CIAda intervened until Russia left the area being economically defeated. They (the banksters) then fed off of South and Central America through the '80's and some of the '90's and after a temporary hiatus are now back again in the middle east. Read the book 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman' to get a better idea on how this all works. In brief, the World Bank makes a huge loan "available" to a country for say infrastucture the borrower is given a list of contractors who will build it for them. The loan of course is paid off on the backs of the tax paying populous, or with profits from say nationalized oil sales. Huge loans like these mean huge profits to the World Bank and their contractor buddies. Should the country's leader not want to go along with this plan, they send in there "closers", if they are unsuccessful, in go the 'Jackals'. Within a few days either the leader accepts the loan or either a mysterious plane crash occurs or the poor sap is brought up on 'sex charges' and forced to shamefully resign. That's called "Regime Change". Segue to the 21st century and you'll see that the methods have become increasing bold. Genrating a "Revolution" to be followed by a military operation or un-manned drone strikes now seems to be the preferred method. It's much quicker and generates a rise in military and law enforcement expenditures and ultimately more debt in the targeted area. Re-building is also very profitable.

      It was recently mentioned in a converstion that all this 'financial conspiracy' allegedly being done at the hands of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families simply wasn't true. Their point was that "they are so rich that they don't need to do things like this". I considered that for a moment and it seemed to make a little sense. I quickly snapped out of that train of thought as it is obvious that the entire world is in financial crisis and just maybe there is a chance that they stand to lose if they don't continue to pilliage the world. You have to understand that a lot of their wealth (R&R) is tied up in debt that is owed to them. If we suddenly said "f" you and just didn't pay it, well they just wouldn't be quite as wealthy anymore. Also, new competition is rising up around the world with the likes of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa ultimately shrinking their slice of the pie. The B.R.I.C.S.' goal to move away from the dollar will cripple a good third of the worlds economy, maybe more. They know it's better to get out while they are still in the black. Groups like the Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations are necessary tools for these families to help manage the situations at hand. One thing is clear in all of this, it's the commoners that are always in their way. Barring blatant extermination, they have employed some of the greatest minds to simply implement controls. They are able to sway public opinion, bribe, pay-off and threaten people to acheive their goals. The Tea Party is a prime example. They infiltrated the ranks with motivational speakers who directed the "Patriots" in the direction that was needed. Have any of you, those that call themselves Tea Party Patriots, have you ever found yourself scratching your head wondering why Tea Party Candidate 'X' had just voted for say.....indefinite detention of US citizens? The extension of the Patriot Act? CISPA? There is much much more if you just look.
     A population capable of thinking for itself is the worst enemy of the Global Elite. Here in the US we are probably the strongest willed people than anywhere else in the world and we probably are better equipped with media access surrendering entry into our lives to the corporate propaganda. The new and outrageous laws are petty by comparison of what's to come. They're merely designed to 'condition' us to be less resistant to accept more drastic measures. I can remember in 2010 all the shouts of "Revolution", "No Retreat, Re-Load!!" People waving flags and learning the Constitution, songs were written that went viral throughout the social networks, but look at us, here we go again facing a Presidential race where the majority of us may once again be forced to choose the lesser of two evils.....both of whom work diligently for the above mentioned "national interests". The one true Patriot was pushed aside with all the tools of persuasion available to the globalist control machine and the masses didn't even notice. Wars have become acceptable now on both sides of the aisle and invasive pat downs at the airports draw fewer complaints as the FBI thwarts "terror threats" to prove we're in grave danger and that we need them. We are again being herded.

The Kool-Aid has been replaced with Fair Market Tea....welcome to the Party.

freeman lomax III
Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air forceful and clear, let the world listen and truth never stop.

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