Friday, June 15, 2012

Wait And See???

     Once again here in America we have pre-selected oligarch candidates in the hunt for the Presidency. The 2 party falacy has never been more evident than in the 2012 race for the WH. Both candidates are virtually the same on most issues and their shared lack of respect for the constitution makes you wonder what country's presidency they are actually seeking. War continues to be the solve all method of foreign policy, and stealing from the working class will continue to pay the way for the corporate ruling class. The American sheeple are divided amongst themselves and angst and despair grows as there is no end in sight for the lack of jobs and the rising cost of living. Once again we are all left to just; Wait And See.....?
      In a country built on the pretense of liberty and the power of government actually formed to be in the hands of the people, impotence to effect change for the better is the reality forced upon us by a class of usurpers never before seen. All of the tools for change are laid out for us in the constitution yet no-one reads it to find out what they are. I've heard people lament over congress and the crony system they have shared for nearly a century and the solution arrived at by the masses is to have them draft legislation for term limits. Term limits so they do not become entrenched in a corrupt system of give and take dominated by the wealthy. Well here's a news flash for you, there are already term limits, and it's laid out in the constitution. Every 2 years there is an election, all one needs to do is wake-up one day every 2 years and vote for the other guy. Hello. You can't really believe that they would actually legislate themselves out of a job do you?
      We are going through one of the worse recessions in our nations history. Our government chose to bail out the very same people who were responsible for creating it. Bad gambling by the banks and poor business judgement by some of the larger corporations, both of whom should have failed disgracefully, were rewarded with new money created out of thin air as a loan that we the people have to repay. Now what did we get for our money? The major corporations continue to send our jobs overseas forcing many into unemployment resulting in record number of home forclosures with the same banks we just bailed out. Bearing that in mind, we the people continue to do business with them and they're seeing record profits. Hmmm. We got jacked that's what we got .
      We have paid into Social Security throughout our entire working carreers. Our sons and daughters go to war with a naive patriotism in their hearts. Like a true corporation, our government looks to hold back payment and benefits to our soldiers and retirees if they cannot either a) balance the federal budget or b) be allowed to borrow more money on your account in the meantime. Either way it's no real sweat off their backs, and hey, we the people allow them to do this so why not?
           Do we really have no idea just how silly we look. Imagine you're George Washingtn, or Thomas Jefferson or maybe Ben Franklin and you're watching the drama here in the US. You had written over 200 years ago to future generations the warning signs and the results of a run-away government like we have today. You watch as the people do nothing. You yourself would have stormed the WH with your musket in hand and demanded that the traitors be brought to justice. You see the people scurrying about as if the only part they remembered is the part that says "..the pursuit of happiness". Carefree just having a good ole time. You see what has become of the US government and you are shocked that the people allowed to get this far out of control. If you could you would write one more line, maybe you'd write....."Keep waiting and you will see".
freeman lomax III

Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air forceful and clear, let the world listen and truth never stop. 

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