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Know the cost of freedom.......
What does 'freedom' mean to you? To me, the Declaration of Independence embodies the whole of the spirit of the word. After nearly 200 difficult years the colonists finally came to the place that enough was enough and stood up to a great nation to demand their liberty. They didn't do this with bad intent or disdain for authority, they did it for the inherant desire within every human being on the planet to be free. They did it as a responsible group of hard working folks with one goal in mind. That goal was to simply live a fruitful life unrestrained from the tyranical monarchy of England. You see, like you and I, the colonists believed that if you work for it, it's yours. The Boston Tea Party set a tone for our independence, that spirit lives on still today.
Define for yourself your own thoughts on freedom, and how you think you should secure it, no matter what it costs.
 We have been programmed to believe these "truths". The left is Socialism which leads to the more extreme Communism, and on the right you have Fascism. Somewhere in between you have liberals and conservatives on the left and right repectively. The fact of the matter is that Communism, Socialism, and Facism are all virtually the same. Sure there may be minor distinguishing features but they all have the same common theme, Rulers Law. Each one of these can be decribed as a Collective, or Collectivism. Collectivism is any philosophic, political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of every human being. Collectivism is a basic cultural element that exists as the reverse of individualism in human nature, and stresses the priority of group goals over individual goals and the importance of cohesion within social groups (such as an "in-group", in what specific context it is defined). Collectivists usually focus on community, society, or nation. It is used and has been used as an element in many different and diverse types of government and political, economic and educational philosophies throughout history. Most societies contain elements of both individualism and collectivism.

Our founders looked at the political spectrum differently than we have been taught. Today we relate to our "2 party" system like this;
            Left                                                                             Right
         Democrat                                                                     Republican
         Communism/Liberal/Socialist                             Conservative/Facist

Our founders saw it like this;
          Party system                                           Loose Democracy                             
          Rulers Law                   *                              Anarchy (Common Law/enforcement)
          Factions                                                      Factions


Somewhere inbetween the extremes was *'Peoples Law', and our Democratic Republican form of government. They established the Constitution and declared us a Sovereign Independent Nation.
I personally see it as simply; Tyranny or Freedom.
It's hard for most to imagine what life was like in America in the 200 years preceeding our independence and the constitution. The first settlers and the subsequent generations endured great hardships to simply survive. "Most European emigrants left their homelands to escape political oppression, to seek the freedom to practice their religion, or for adventure and opportunities denied them at home."
"The colonists' first glimpse of the new land was a vista of dense woods. The settlers might not have survived had it not been for the help of friendly Indians, who taught them how to grow native plants -- pumpkin, squash, beans and corn. In addition, the vast, virgin forests, extending nearly 2,100 kilometers along the Eastern seaboard, proved a rich source of game and firewood. They also provided abundant raw materials used to build houses, furniture, ships and profitable cargoes for export.
Political considerations influenced many people to move to America. In the 1630s, arbitrary rule by England's Charles I gave impetus to the migration to the New World. The subsequent revolt and triumph of Charles' opponents under Oliver Cromwell in the 1640s led many cavaliers -- "king's men" -- to cast their lot in Virginia. In the German-speaking regions of Europe, the oppressive policies of various petty princes -- particularly with regard to religion -- and the devastation caused by a long series of wars helped swell the movement to America in the late 17th and 18th centuries.
The coming of colonists in the 17th century entailed careful planning and management, as well as considerable expense and risk. Settlers had to be transported nearly 5,000 kilometers across the sea. They needed utensils, clothing, seed, tools, building materials, livestock, arms and ammunition.
In contrast to the colonization policies of other countries and other periods, the emigration from England was not directly sponsored by the government but by private groups of individuals whose chief motive was profit." 

 Today, like the rulers of the past, desire for conquest is still prevelant. A 'One World Government', or Global Collectivism seems to be the goal, with once again profit as the chief motive. Now however the opportunities exist soley for the giant government intertwined mega corporations and central banks seeking the profits to be gained from the growing consumer populations worldwide. These goals emphaticly dwarf the race for the conquest of land of yesteryears and have turned into more of a run for control of the financial and world markets. The potential of gains through taxation, interest on debt, and controls of economies through inflation, then deflation, are immense.Corrupt practices in a dog eat dog world of crony capitalism have led us to serious economic disaster.
      As history has taught us, most governments or ruling classes have failed shortly after trying to impose too much "power". These were great 'nations' in their time. If the 'world' were to take on an experiment under one governing body, the damages incurred with a failure would be catastrophic. One could only hope for a United World under a common Bill of Individual Rights to protect the worlds citizens from an out of control runaway national government, but a One World Order controlled by a 'Collective' Rule could never work in the best interest of the common people. The lust for power and wealth has proven to be overwhelming all throughout history, presently we are faced with a dangerous cabal with  these aspirations on a global scale. Can the people of the world fend off this attempt of global totaltarianism?  All 'nations' people must be stand up against this plot in order to maintain their sovereignty, their pride in individualism, and their Freedom.
   Here in America, our founders laid out a plan, they drew up a grand experiment in governance where the people were actually in control of their own destinies. Over the subsequent years, through factions of special interests, the very people elected to protect this concept have become corrupt with the prospect of personal wealth. Decade after decade since it's inception, the COTUS has been twisted and re-defined to meet the goals of those of whom swore to uphold it. Now, more than ever, on the precipice of it's demise, the American people must re-educate themselves on it's true meaning as intended by our founders. Day by day our freedom is at risk, our representation in DC are focused mainly on the needs of the wealthy business interests rather than those of the people. We the people have come to regard success as financial wealth rather than the absolute freedom to live as we please. To most, 'simple' freedom is nothing without riches, however I don't believe the masses are aware of what it will take to reclaim freedom stolen.
freeman lomax III 
Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air, forceful and clear, let the world listen and truth never stop.


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