Monday, October 15, 2012

WHY REVOLUTION? (continued)




While step one continues, "Ideological Resistance", step 2 must also be implemented. In order for us to get out of this mess we have to take matters into our own hands. All three branches of our government have shown us time and again over the last century who they represent, and it's not We The People. So let's go to work.

Step 2 is "Civil Disobedience". This does not mean violent anti-government protests running wild in the streets. This means the act of not participating in the unlawful actions imposed on us by the government and not participating in the corporate or financial systems' games to relieve you of your hard earned money. Peaceful protest and rallies are acceptable. There are many forms of CD that we will cover and they're really easy too.
     First action; finance, look at your finances. Where do you bank? Your credit cards, auto and personal loans, your mortgage, businesses. We have determined that the "Too Big to Fail" are the root cause to our economic woes. We saw that what they need to perpetuate this fraud is money....lot's of it. Your money. The government through the FED acted on your behalf to bail them out with your money and that of future generations to come. The FED has also acted on it's own, once again on your behalf and continues to print money to bail out the so-called giants. So, the logical Counter-Measure would be to simply stop participating. Yes, stop giving them your money. This is most impactful form of "Civil Disobedience".

      Begin by moving your money out of these banks. Move your savings, checking and credit cards into your local credit unions. If you are only gaining 1 to 3 percent on your savings, buy a safe and keep your money at home. I would suggest buying silver. I like silver over gold for the price and it has out performed gold on the market through out history. "Junk" silver as in old US quarters and dimes may be useful in a collapse of the dollar as it will be extremely difficult to get change for an ounce of gold. If everyone went to the bank on Monday and wanted to withdraw their money guess what, they don't have enough to give it back. A gradual bank run would slowly but systematically be a better way to go, but ultimateley it will shut them down.

      Once you've successfully moved your cash you will now need to refinance your loans. You must get your mortgages out of the big banks. Insist on knowing your credit union of choice's method of home finance. It's imperative that they do not sell mortgages into the federal system. A little shopping is what it will take.

      Income tax; not everyone realizes that allowing overpayment in your paycheck is avoidable. If you look at your last filing and you received a refund, change the amount of allowances you claim so that you end up no more than $100.00 off at the end of the year. The government does not pay you interest on the money you give them. This step alone will limit the cash flow into the billions of dollars thus weakening their position and strengthening yours.

      Your investments; Pensions, 401k's, stocks and bonds. Many people saw the value of their investments decline in the crash of 2008. Slowly but surely some of them have bounced back, but I think it's safe to say that we all learned of the delicate nature our life savings and how they depend on the performance of Wall St. I'm sure some of you know or had heard of folks that have lost their pensions to failed financial decision by the investors or to corruption. Should the dollar collapse your lifes work will be washed down the drain. There will be painful chaos if this should occur. So I ask, shouldn't you prepare? What can you do? I have a 401k, I am allowed to borrow up to 50% of it, set up my payments anyway I like, and the interest I pay is mine to keep. Structured as a loan there is no penalty except upon default and the penalty would occur on the unpaid balance. I have done this numerous times over the years and have purchased silver, which has in fact out performed my 401k. The next one I do will be to purchase land. Although my repayments aren't tax deductible, the interest I pay is mine. Investigate your options with your own investments and take the appropriate steps to protect your future. Should the dollar collapse, which a multitude of experts are forecasting, you will be left with nothing. Read the history of events that occurred during the Great Depression. Look at the stories written on Argentinas collapse in 2000, you will learn how fragile our economy really is.

      Corporations have proven unfaithful to their American customer base, yet we continue for lack of better words, to be lazy in our purchases. We follow the persuasions of crafty advertising spending trillions of dollars on crap that we don't need and that is not good for us. Everyone needs to look at what they buy. First rule is; Buy American and locally when possible. Don't support the outsourcing offshoring greedy corporate whores in their quest for profits, support your local small businesses. Second important rule is; Know who owns the company of the product you're buying. Do they fund things like abortions, testing on animals, GMO foods, political parties, etc, if you do not agree with their actions, don't patronize them. The third and final rule is; if you don't have the money for it, don't buy it on credit!!! This enriches the banking system via interest payments you make. Save, be patient, then buy wisely.

      Seems rather simple this "Revolution", and it is. Your participation (and lack of) is required, freedom is not free and to take non-violent steps to preserving it is better than the inevitable alternative if you continue to sit on your hands. The above actions are only a part of step 2, there will be more to come but as I am writing this in the spirit of step one, I must warn that if these 2 steps fail and people do not implement these actions it's not going to be pretty. Do the research and get busy!!!
freeman lomax III
Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air, forceful and clear, let the world listen and truth never stop.

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