Saturday, March 16, 2013

Know The Score

     Is it all beginning to make sense now? Clearly it's us against the corporate owned state. Know that this could soon turn into every man for himself real quick if our fellow countrymen fail to see the truth. As the world's population has grown and new economic markets are growing exponentially, the prize of great wealth is available like never before. The old guard is under siege with competition from the new high tech movers and shakers. Millionaires pop up in nano-seconds and billionaires are not far behind. The elites' race to buy up the competition to maintain control of the markets and when they can't they clumsily orchestrate military conquests of entire nations to further enslave the working populations.This is what they call the NWO. The stakes are high and the puppet masters need each and every citizen of the world to perpetuate their dynasty. We hand over our cash, our sweat and blood like sheep herding to the feed trough. Yet there is hope, I can see it glimmering in each and every one of us and more importantly, I see the desire to be free.

     To those of you still under the effect of the MSM hypnosis I know this will sound absurd, but don't be ashamed because it's not entirely your fault. The Patriot community has begun a movement for your freedom and we need you. Your children and your grandchildren need you too. You see, we are on the brink of a power grab that will have an effect on the entire world, the biggest change of such to happen right here in America. The richest of the rich have suffered at the hands of their own systems' failure so for them to survive they need to create a new one, at your expense. For America and the Amercan Way of life to survive we need all hands on deck to defeat the continued attack on Freedom and Liberty.

     First and foremost, read the Constitution. Watch some on-line tutorials. This is the basis of who we are as Americans and why we are the exceptional country that we are. From this you will understand that today our government is functioning outside the jurisdiction of our Constitution, the factors are many but all boil down to one thing, money. Remember the phrase; "Don't believe everything you read in the newspaper"? That goes for the TV too. Research, research, research. For our government under the Constitution to work, it requires the people to be involved. Most folks find it hard to find the time to go out and get active but vois la!!!! We have the internet!!!! At least for now. All the data is readily available and you have the ability to communicate with billions of people right from the comfort of your own home.

      You need to know that it all starts with the Banking system. The federal reserve and most of the world use a system called fractional reserve banking. Then the big corporations step in, they make the most money and borrow the most money, you could say that they are on the Banksters Preferred customer list. There are many ways that these corps maximize their gains. One way is to lobby congress for favorable legislation (laws) so they can sell there products where they like, and another is to reduce the taxes they would have to pay. The current trend is to offshore the manufacturing to a foreign country where labor is cheap and employee benefits are absent. The free trade agreements that are now law are as a result of corporate lobbyists doing their job. In case you didn't know, a lobbyist is a paid employee of a corp or entity that has access to the Capital, usually ex-politicians, their job is to beg for, grovel or buy favors from the government that would benefit their employer. Not only is this system in play for private industry, actual countries are actively doing this too, the prize is what we refer to as foreign aid.

     The UN is the designated tool for the Global Agenda. The UN along with the World Bank and the IMF (arms of the FED) are being positioned as the future administrations and financial systems for the New World Government. The play will be made using the US and it's NATO alliances to prevent nations from straying from the Global Currency du jour and to assure that the valuable natural resources are under control by the ruling elite. We saw how swift the heavy handed policing was with the Libyan intervention and we are witnessing the economic terrorist tactics being used on Iran in the form of sanctions. You thought Iran posed a nuclear threat? Actualy they are one of 3 remaining economies not in the Rothschild's banking system. Libya used to be #4.

    New regimes have been installed in various countries in the Arab world typically with an Islamic sect that does not particularily get along well with Iran. Iran has a vast supply of resources and could easily break away from the Global Currency. A nuclear threat is only the propaganda tool that the Banksters are using to sway public opinion. In the case of Libya they sold the "Humanitarian Intervention" tactic to the west when in fact Libya was about to open the first bank to a United African Nations and leave the dollar. Most people are not aware that there are many more "Humanitarian Interventions" of the true sense needed in other parts of the world, however they have no natural resources to warrant the expense so they are left to fin for themselves.

     For this agenda to succeed, the COTUS needs to be dismantled and control given to the UN and their minions occupying our government. We have seen legislation pass through our congress that puts them well on their way to succeeding. They have virtually stripped us of our privacy in the Homeland Security and the Patriot Acts. They are trying to pass legislation to control the internet to seriously disable our freedom to communicate on a large scale. In 2012 an attack was set to disarm the American people and leaving us defenseless. Law Enforcement, DHS, and even the IRS are gearing up in a big way for the coming resistence to their tyranny. A US citizen that participates in following orders against our constitutional rights you must understand that they're traitors. These folks have simply reclassified themselves as "Global Citizens", and are now marching for the UN.

     At all costs we must resist this attempt to steal our country. We have to be strong, stand together and defend our nation. Our founders knew of and warned against the perils of central banks and today we are living right in the thick of them. The Federal Reserve sits at the top of the heap. They are a private bank if you did not know, the name was chosen so you would think that it's part of the US of A. They are free to do what ever they want without the constraints of the government or the people. The IRS is their collection branch, again a private entity. The IRS has the power to seize your property, jail you, and now with the help of our government, take your life. Yes with Obamacare's death panels, guess who's going to make those decisions.

     You've heard the famous battle cry; "END THE FED!!!"? That is because they are the ones that have taken over. They run the country and most of the world. Sound far fetched? Look at the areas they control. You've heard the saying; 'He who has the gold rules"?

     Understand this; we've been lied to and we have been victims of theft. We have allowed this to happen by not demanding representation in our government. We have let our lives to become every minute, every hour, and every day in what we perceive to be the American Dream. The time is now to set time aside to take a stand for with every waking hour the powers that be are on the move to turn that Dream into their reality.

freeman lomax III

Affirm your freedoms as an unbound man, cut the air, forceful and clear, let the world listen and truth never stop.

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  1. As a Brit, I always believed that the constitutional right of Americans to bear arms was a huge mistake that just encouraged gun crime. I didn't realise the main reason this is in the constitution was to allow you to defend yourselves against tyranny, and am now wishing that we had the same right in the UK! I'm desperately hoping that our American cousins from the 'the land of the free and the home of the brave' will remember the sacrifices of their ancestor's in gaining freedom for all of their people. It's time for all freedom loving Americans to rise up and stand tall in the face of tyranny once again!


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