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As I write this I can't help but feel that I’ve already written this. The voices in my head have been relentlessly reciting these words for so long it seems that I too am merely repeating something that I already said here, yet I write this anyway in case I am just passing Deja Vu.

Much to my reluctance I joined Facebook back when it began to grow exponentially. Although I had realized many years before that our country was drifting from the original idea, there just wasn't an easy platform to spread the truth without spending a lot of money. Imagine the cost of sending a direct mailer to every household in America on a daily basis.

So I started a web site to direct folks to, (if you’re reading this, this is it) and I posted numerous articles and ideas of relevance to my wall and watched as many folks were awakened to the imaginary world we call the US of A. And though I know that I only had a small part in this awakening, I was encouraged to see people seeing things for the first time. All the while I too, through this gift of the internet, was discovering new information almost faster than I could pass it along, some of which can be found on this pages sidebar, please read. But enough on that.

It has become crystal clear that We the People are being deceived from all angles. Our government, the media, our schools, even our doctors. We can probably count on the fact that the churches and science are full of shit too. Of course that begs the question; "Why?”

I think it's safe to say that about 15% of the adult US population have become more tuned in to the goings on here in the US and the world so the comparison I will draw should make sense to a few. Do you feel like you’re watching a movie sometimes? Scandals pop up, denials are strewn about by the perpetrators, and eventually the facts are brought to light by way of a dutiful whistle blower or hacker. Not only have the lies been exposed, but the hidden agendas surface like a school of feeding dolphins rendering the original scandal a mere diversion to the true objective. Then the scramble begins to keep it out of the controlled media so it can be quickly forgotten, usually with another surfacing scandal. It's gotten to the point where one can predict the new plot like a 'B' rated sequel.

I'm not a movie nut. I do however have some favorites. I would like to compare, for simplicity sake, the current situation to the Die Hard series. In each of the movies a long drawn out plot twists and turns but all seem to end up with John McClain exasperatedly declaring; “you mean this was all for money?” (There were some kind of bonds in the first, the gold in NY in the sequel, and I forget the last one, but you get the idea.)

That’s right, money.

If you follow the news you’ll see a variety show of political shenanigans, power struggles and warring between nations, and religious zealots raping and chopping people up by the tens of thousands, all claiming or disclaiming their actions to an ideology du jour when in fact it’s just about money.

To be more specific, your money. It’s a never ending battle to get your money. Be it through interest on loans, contributions based on your religious beliefs, control over your every purchase, or taxation, they will kill to get it. In most instances we voluntarily give it. They have even convinced most that taxation is our duty and most happily pay up.

Are you happy with the way thing are? If you answer “yes”, I suggest you enjoy it while you can because the competition wants to take it from you, or worse yet, kill you. If you answer “no”, simply stop giving it to them. It takes a little planning and it requires some time and effort on your part, but you will be glad you did it. Take the first step today, cut up all your credit cards and begin a plan to pay them off. I don’t mean continue minimum payments, I mean pay them off to zero balance. Sounds daunting doesn’t it. Well it is, and it takes some hard sacrifice at times, but everyone can do it.

Common protests are; What if I need something? How do I rent a car? How do I travel? Answer; Planning and Sacrifice. Have money in the credit union for starters, pay cash. Public transportation, taxi cabs? OK, if you have travel plans in the immediate future, wait until you return, then start. In the future carry a debit card, it’s the same as cash. You have got to eliminate your payment of interest.

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